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Fat Harlock

By requin
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You probably recognised the main character from the famous cartoon series Fat Harlock and the Cosmic Kids.

I'm just bullwasting ya, of course. This is just one more of my amalgams. This one was suggested by my girlfriend. In fact, she came up with the name "Fat Albator", since Albator is Captain Harlock's French name. Albator may sound more like Albert than Harlock does, but what the heck. I liked the idea. And this time, NO ONE DID IT FIRST!


This is a concept that I like to call a JAPANIMERICAMALGAM, an oh-so-very-much clever portmanteau of Japan, Animé, America and Amalgam. The idea is to make a fusion of one american cartoon character to one Japanese animé character, in order to create a new one.
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Vraiment drôle, dans mes fav' à présent.
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C'est le capitaine "Grobator".
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I lack the words to express how awesome this is. But it is awesome. And like Harlock, he rolls with a crew of interesting people and does what's right.
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Wouldn't the Brown Hornet be more fitting for the role of Captain Harlock?
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hey hey heeeey thats some good stuff XD
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mamei799Hobbyist Interface Designer
XD i cant imaginte how are the amazons and the rest of team xD
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...I've seen this before and it /never/ ceases to make me laugh uncontrollably.

My only quirk is the overly pixelized hair, but aside from that, it's a nice comical illustration. The lines and coloring are nice, and of course, the concept is...unique to say the least.
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Oh, the hair is not pixelised. It is my attempt to how should I put it... "small Afro-American curls".
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Ahhh, makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.
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j'ai envoyé du lait partout dans l'écran là ;)
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Bah là, t'avais juste à boire du Windex.
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hehehe ouais je considèrerai l'option.
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mazoku-chan General Artist
Oh fuckin' gr8! :XD:
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