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Avatar: The Last Bender

By requin
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Bender from Futurama + Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender = Avatar: The Last Bender.
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Bender uses Iroh's dragon thingy.
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:rofl: very cool :D
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skrallhunterHobbyist Traditional Artist
Bender: Hey firelord bite my air bending ass!
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PawRZHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool XD
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MadnessAbeHobbyist Writer
Hey Fire Nation! You can all bite my shiny airbending Avatar ASS!
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I think he's more of a fire bender...What with the burps.
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KatangarooStudent General Artist
oooohhh I see what you did there! :clap: clapclapclap clap clap!
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TakeruDavisHobbyist General Artist
Pure awesomeness
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LugiaUmbreonPowerStudent General Artist
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Rasec-WizzlbangHobbyist General Artist
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IAmTheUnisonProfessional Digital Artist
Now this is cute.
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Hahahaha!! Nice!!
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lol :XD: Katara will marry a very powerful bender alright...
Awesome pic. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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lmao, great Mix.
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Great crossover!
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Of course! But there´s Flexo. Or it got killed?
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Cassave Traditional Artist
Love it! :D
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Fry-plus-Leela-4-evaStudent General Artist
Thats awesome
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JazzB24Student Digital Artist
LMFAO funniest thing i seen 2day :D
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it's absolutely cool.
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Hurayy!! Bender is going to save the world!
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Or kill the guy ruling it right now so HE can rule the world.
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Even awesomer!
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