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APPOWS2010 Rocketdock

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Simple docks to go with neiio's APPOWS2010 suite of skins.

Enjoy Jamie's sweet new pack
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works very nice on any desktop position, good job :)
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Used your background in my overhaul [link]
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Nice job dude ! Too bad the preview seem pixellised ;)
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Awesome dock, was looking for something like this, and ~dodoheaddodo , No one wants to mimic mac, crappy os, crappy hardware, waste of money. Correct me if i am wrong, but i believe Mac got the idea of docks from Linux. There is no Operating system out there that is more customizable when it comes to Linux. Anyways thanks for the dock. fav+
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Hey now, Macs are alright if you want to spend $3000 for something you can do on Windows for $1500! Haha.

Back on topic: great skin, minimal and not flashy. Gets the job done without a ton of distracting eyecandy. Gonna reload rocketdock just to check this one out. Thanks for sharing it.
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nice dock
but one thing that bugs me
and that is can you guys create something original for windows
i mean can u guys stop trying to mimic the mac(i know it looks coll but how about somethinng that looks better than windows...we r windows users rite???))
i hope u guys know what i mean
but i love this dock looks gr8
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thanks a lot. I could yeah, but docks are derivative from macs, so it's only natural we try to mimic the look and feel as well as the function. Not many more directions you can go in with the dock, ya know?
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awesome! now only the mouse cursors that aren't made yet. :boogie:
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yes it looks to be stretched in a strange way
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no worries, I think its the way rocketdock stretches it that doesn't make it look as good as it should
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It seems to be slightly slanted to the left.
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This was intentional, but now that I'm looking at it does look weird. You know how sometimes when you're drawing things look fine until a few days later or you take a step back from it? Same thing.. I'll fix it up
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I get that exact feeling whenever I draw something I think I like. This would have been tolerable, but it just looks a little awkward.
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