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ID 392 - Aura's Silvervind

By ReQuay
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392 foal design by Auraleyki

Registration Form:
ID:# 392
Name: Aura's Silvervind (meaning: Swedish for Silver Wind)
Nickname: Silver
Gender: Mare
Breed: Pure Faimé
Age: 5 years
Height: 17.3 hh
Colour:  Silver Grullo Bio Lumino (pearl carrier)
Genotype: EE aa nprl Dd nZ BB
Markings: Star and snip; Bio pattern (as seen on foal design) only visible at night
Temperament: (1=calm 10= high spirited) 9
Personality (from previous owner): A stunning mare, who is both super sweet and laid back. 
She gets along with everyone (horses and people alike) - and loves for her tummy to be scratched. 
Willing to please in every discipline.
History: Born at Auraleyki Stables
Registered with: Faime-Registry 
Stables: Artistik Vale HA-RPG/Shedu Stables

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: ID 252 - Amis pour Toujours
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: ID 300 - Lorem Pulverem di Arsenico
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: ID 379 - Aura's Isvind
------------------------------------------ DDS: ID 100 - HSE Captain Jack
----------------- DD: ID 306 - Aura's Solmyrkva
---------------------------------------------------------- DDDS: ID 243 - Arion  (K)
------------------------------------------ DDD: ID 193 - RES Bubbly
---------------------------------------------------------- DDDD: ID - 43 Goldy (K)

restricted to Faime Draft and Sport Stallions ONLY
1 Krispz : used ???
2 Auraleyki : foal 410 Baron
3 emmy1320 : foal 492 Latte
4 Auraleyki : foal 491 Aura's Fjalla-Isjaki
5 Delkota : foal 1236 Fundraiser Foal
6 Auraleyki : foal 741 Aura's Lukas
7. A Faimeous Gift Slot Dec 2016 Closed
8. A Faimeous Gift Slot Dec 2016 Closed
9. A Faimeous Gift Slot Dec 2016 Closed
10. A Faimeous Gift Slot Dec 2016 Closed
11. A Faimeous Gift Slot Dec 2016 Closed
12. Quality Slot Closed
13. Excellent Slot Closed
14. Excellent Slot Closed
15. Champion Slot Closed
16. Champion Slot Closed
17. Champion Slot Closed
18. Champion I Slot Closed
19. Champion I Slot Closed
20. Champion I Slot Closed
21. Champion I Slot Closed
25. Champion II Slot Closed
26. Champion II Slot Closed
27. Champion II Slot Closed
28. Champion II Slot Closed
29. Champion II Slot Closed

Points Tracker: Here

Art © ReQuay
Pose ref: LINK

I almost died when I got the opportunity to bring this beautiful mare to AVS - she's been one of my favorite Faimés from since I ever first laid eyes on Aura's design.  So much wonderful art has already been poured into her backstory.  And now I have the opportunity, to house her in my stables - with her mother, Isvind - and it's like a dream come true.  Please real life, give me a break - and let me find a little time to draw these pretty ladies together.
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© 2017 - 2021 ReQuay
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She is so gorgeous!!! I love this design...and of course have to give you a little crap for another horse ;)
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Another horse... cough, cough... what was that... you broke up there for a moment.  :giggle:

No, but thanks so much hun.  I am super happy to have this girl.  :hug:
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This little one looks gorgeous in your style! As usual with the thick, luxurious manes and tails (so much volume and texture to them and the detail in that braid is just beautiful, especially with the natural gradient of the hairs). I love the slight dish to her face and how quietly sure and confident she seems - not to mention the lovely trot you've drawn (with those lovely feathers) :D).

I feel like I've seen your shading more detailed before, but greys can be really tricky to get right and the finished result looking more soft than detailed gives her a lovely glowy look - more ethereal than anything - and it really works for her :)

Beautiful job - So wonderful to see her with you. She's such a special girl (you're not the only one who's been keeping half an eye on her for years. Holy cow - so jealous!) but I think she's in a great home ^^
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Lily Thank you
Thank you so much!!! <333

All the credit for the pose goes to the ref for sure.  I haven't been drawing horses enough recently and needed a bit of a refresher for sure. 

The shading was... ahem... a chore to say the least.  I almost killed all the base colors and dappling trying to shade over it - I had to repaint the dapples so many times.  And it is definitely "softer" than some of my past refs - I did everything with the airbrush this time around.
(random FYI - I'm in the middle of a series of novels that describes a lot of ethereal and magical forests, glowing moonstones, and mysterious people [similar to Tolkien's elves] and I'm can say with some certainty that has subconsciously influenced my overall design/painting of her)

Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment.  :hug: I really am so grateful to be able to provide her a home.
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You're welcome! ^^

Do you colour shade? And have you tried greyscale shading? Everyone has their preferred method, and as a plus, there's numerous ways to greyscale, but it just might help with designs like hers so it doesn't obliterate the subtle details. But you did an amazing job anyway - and yeah, the airbrush really lends itself to that soft, dreamy quality I think. (and lol, now that you mention your subconscious influence I really see it - definitely get a fantasy, mystical feel from her :D)
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I do color shade (not well, but I try ;) ). 

I have just never been that inspired to learn greyscale shading.  I know it makes things much easier for horses with complex markings - especially unnatural ones with all sorts of fantasy markings.  Well, easier, I should say in regards to not loosing the underlying markings/patterns (and not to say that greyscale is easy by any means).  But I've always just wanted to learn how to paint in color... something that could be applied to both traditional and digital art.  And I see some crazy amazing artists paint like this:
Let me be your valentine
That is the kind of shading that I would aspire to be able to paint some day... incorporating colors and markings into shading directly.
I definitely don't understand colors well enough to be able to do that (yet).  And have no time/$$$ for art classes at the moment.
But that is sort of where my interests lie - in regards to the art I'd like to practice and work towards. 

... but I am a long, long way from that level of skill.  :faint:
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Fair enough - I know greyscale isn't for everyone but it does seem to help (as you said) with particularly complex designs. For me, though Heaven isn't exactly complicated, I find that I like how her colours come up with the way I do greyscales (Progression Overlap) but then I can always go back and brush in environmental colour and reflection. I like to think its not cheating that way because everyone's style is different XD

Same as you - I would really love to gain skills in that kind of single layer colour painting (it has such a beautiful, textured quality, and would probably help me a heck of a lot with traditional painting, as you pointed out), but I'm not dedicating the time I should to working on it - like any of us have much to spare. I know a lot of the theory in how it works, but putting it in practice is something else - so kudos to you for keeping at it! :)

(If you're starting to use the airbrush, you may find it helps you with that style, though because of the way it helps with blending and you can lay in colour without it being overpowering all at once). I think its based more in what you see than what you think should be there (which Is why I'm crap without using a reference - my mind fills in gaps way too readily :p) and, sadly, as you already noted, requires some understanding of the way colours work (not just pigment colour, but light colour as well, which are different). Anyway - shutting up.

Hang onto those stunning pieces of art as goals and you will get there ^^ You don't have to pay for art classes, either; there's lots of tutorials out there and the rest is just practice :hug: I BELIEVE IN YOU :la:
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Your Progression Overlap tutorial makes a lot of sense.
When you put the Greyscale layer over the flat colored layer, do you use any specific setting: Overlay, Multiple, Normal... ?
It looks so amazing when you do it.  <3

Yeah, those are some art goals that I'll have to do a whole LOT of practice before I can hope to achieve.   I don't mind putting in the practice (and I need a ton of references for sure), it's more a matter of finding the time to do it amidst a hectic RL schedule. 

One day maybe we'll find all the time we want for art classes, watching tutorials and practicing lots of art (just gotta start playing the lottery ;) ). 
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Good to know XD I'm planning on getting it actually posted (over a year later :p).

I added an explanation to the stash file for you ^^ Hopefully it makes sense :) (And thank you)

Tell me about it - I can never tell when I'll have time for art now; some weeks I work lots of overtime, other weeks I'm busy with the fields and the animals...Someday! XD SOMEDAY (and definitely the lottery. I gotta get my book published written...)
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Oh, thank you for the explaination!  :hug:

It makes sense (and shows that greyscale is definitely it's own amount of work to get the image to look how you want it to) and is very helpful.  I may have to try and give that a go some time, just to see.
Maybe I can work on another traditional art (I miss the pencils so much) sketch - with shading - and see how it looks applying some color to it on the computer. 
So many ideas... so little time.
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Looks amazing, congratulations on being able to give her a nice home!
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Thank you so so much.
Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
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Look at this gorgeous girl, I am definitely a fan of her and her lineage! Beautiful ref, and congrats!
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Thank you so much hun <3
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Gorgeoussss, and congrats on getting her!
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Thank you so much.  :hug: 
I was over the moon when I got her.  She's one of the "iconic" ones for me (within Faime-Registry )... just seeing all of her old art (refs, farm life, training and show entries) was like a wonderful walk down memory lane. 
I know it will be a little while until my schedule gets a little less hectic (and I have more time for HARPG), but I'm really hoping to get to show her and her mother together... maybe starting with farm life, working up to training, and then maybe some Pas de Deux?
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