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An Aksi And An Amazon...

By ReQuay
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Prompt/Theme: What is your Aksiothos up to now that they were forced to live outside the godly realms?

As a Scion, Khione had spent her entire life on Mount Olympus.  She frolicked as a foal in meadows made of clouds, jumping from one floating island to another.  As the years passed – although they were far less important to the immortal Greek gods and magical horses they invited into their homes – Khione grew into a stunning, mature grey mare.  She considered herself blessed – with friends and family to enjoy eternity together. 

And then the Greek gods decided, in a moment of desperation, to send their beloved Aksiothos to Earth – as disciples who would help spread faith in the Greek gods once again.  Khione was thrust from the only home – only world – she had ever known and dispatched down to Earth.  Everything had changed in a moment and now she had to pick herself back up again, and try to find her new place in this strange new world. 

Did she find her fallen comrades and herd mates? 

Would she look for a way to return to Mount Olympus… despite the gods having kicked her out of her home so tragically?

Maybe she would find a new meaning and purpose here on the Earth?

She had so many options to consider and decisions to contemplate.  She knew she wasn’t ready to mingle with humans, and so she found a tropical forest, lush with vegetation and life, where she could spend her time figuring out her next step.  It was here, in the Amazonian jungle, where fate intervened and showed her the next adventure. 

Standing before her, forming a semi-circle, Khione found herself face-to-face with a group of beautiful, strong warrior women regaled in hunting attire.   These were no ordinary women - they were skilled hunters blessed by Artemis, seeking truth and justice in the wisdom granted by Athena, made strong and powerful by Gaea, and virtuous in the love granted to them by Aphrodite.  Before the mare stood the infamous Amazons, sisters blessed by the gods, who are dedicated to the peace believed to be every person's right – uniting all people, sexes, races and creeds with equality, compassion, reason and love.  

And just as she recognized them for who they were, the Amazon's recognized Khione as an Aksiothos, a breed of horse regaled and honored by Zeus.  The sisters lowered their weapons, and stood in wonder, taking great delight in Khione's presence.  

Khione would not consider allowing a mortal to approach her, but the Amazons were not mere mortals, and were revered by the Greek gods as well.  So, as a dark-haired woman approached slowly, with humility and respect, Khione relaxed and allowed their leader to stroke her nose.  

"Truly, you are magnificent… and must come from Olympus," she said as she reached up to pat Khione.  

The girls spoke softly and quickly, wanting to shower one of the god's allied horses with love and respect, and believing that such an act of compassion to one of the god's own steeds could only help them in a future time of need.  In an instant, with unanimous decision, the sisters offered Khione transportation back to the Island of Themyscira, where she would be able to live in peace and comfort, with purity of spirit, hidden away from the hostile world of mankind. 

Themyscira was not her original home, but Khione was finding it easy to settle into an alternate life on the island.  She could wander among lush meadows to graze on sweet grasses, spend an afternoon ambling across the golden sand of the beach, or just rest comfortably in Queen Hippolyta's elegant stables.  And she found delight when the Amazons would use her in their training, adorning her with the finest tack as they practiced their rigorous and intense training scenarios. 

Word Count: 621

tl;dr - Khione is adjusting to her new life on Themyscira with the Amazons wonderfully.

I realize she is holding her spear/lance very near the tip, but I didn't want to draw it extended any farther as it got in the way of Khione's face/bridle for the image.  Consider it a special Amazon training technique, LOL. 

Art & Characters (Khione & Kopesia) © ReQuay 
Pose ref: Grey Andalusian Stallion

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Wow, the shading, proportions, anatomy, details, just hnnngg, this looks so amazing! I also adore the pose and how fluid they seem! :D
Browsing through your gallery is always a treat! :3
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blush Ah, thank you so so much <333
That is so sweet and kind of you to say - and totally makes my whole (weekend) day.
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Love seeing this girl around again and see her re-restart (that makes sense, don't judge me :stare: ).

As always, your artwork is an absolute joy to see, whatever style you decide to go with. Your cellshading is positively delicious, but so is your soft shading. Everything you make is so, so pretty.
Also, great work with that tack and both Khione and Kopesia's hairdos.

And that right hind leg is made of love and sunshine, I can't stop looking at how perfect it looks.
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The re-restart totally makes sense. :nod:

And thank you so much <3 
I'm honored that Khione got second place.
And so proud that all the time I put into her intricate tack and details really paid off.  Humans still make me incredibly uncomfortable.  And the tack is definitely a challenge (how does one paint chainmail, ugh?).  But I'm hoping that as I get to explore Khione's and Kopesia's adventures, I will also get the chance to continue working on art elements (humans, tack, backgrounds) that push me and grow as an artist. 
And I'm thrilled you've given the Aksi's a place to "come back to life" and find a new home!
Thanks again.
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Wow! Amazing work! Love it!

I was wondering if you could let me us this image for an Android game called "Kingdoms of Myth", it's turn based strategy game based on a fantasy World. You can find a little bit more info in this rough website made by my colleges… (Sorry for the bad English). Of course you will have full credits of your work and link to your webpage if you want :)

Lot of thanks for your time ;)

P.D: By the way we just created now a Facebook with more recent pictures:…

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Thank you for asking - I am honored. 
But this is private work of my own personal characters. 
This image may not be used by anyone else - or re-uploaded anywhere else. 
I thank you for understanding (and for asking so nicely).
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lot of thanks for answering. I understand your decision, and if I'm asking you instead of using your picture without your permission is because I respect artists and I think you have all the rights to decide if someone can use your image or not. I know that this days people just use other pictures without asking, but i don't' want to be a simple burglar.

Lot of thanks for your time and keep on with the good work!

Best regards!

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I wanted to wait til I had time to look and really comment!

The details! The braids! The flipping anatomy!
This is so gorgeous, and such a great reminder of why I got involved in ARPGs!

Keep it coming, very inspiring and a delight to view and read.

I love that Khione was brought back to life in Axi's!

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Thank You..Onion Thank You 1 Speech Bubble - BeemoteThank You 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote
OMG, thank you so much sissy!!!
This is such a kind and thoughtful comment... you have no idea how much it's made my day!
I'm really happy that I've been able to revive Khione and continue the storyline.
And even if it took me forever to draw/write, it was so worth it. <3
I need to do more of this with all my horses (if I could just get RL to give me more time, LOL).

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I really enjoy seeing where she ended up. I didn't even think about the Amazons!

Great job~ <3

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Thank you <333
5 seconds hug 
I have an entire independent storyline planned for Khione and her new Amazon friends.  I just need more RL time to get it out on paper/canvas, LOL.
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You're welcome <333
That's so exciting to hear! It's such an interesting idea that I would love to hear more of it!
I understand how life can be. I hope you can get some free time sometime soon ;)
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This is simply stunning!!! All of the intricate details you put into this are incredible!!! And the best part?! you made it large enough for me to see!!!!!!! :squee:
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Thank you
Thank you so much hun <333
I knew you'd like that size, LOL.
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This is beautiful!!!! Love how you did the feathering and mane/tail! So flowy. <3 <3
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Thank you so much <3
Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] Thank You 1 Speech Bubble - BeemoteThank You 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote 
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You're very welcome sweety :hug:
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This is gorgeous! I love how you draw and paint feathering especially, it looks so soft!
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Thank you so much <3
Daisy thank you 
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