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Hello once again members and visitors alike! Time for an other one of TiB's oh so few messages. I apologize for my tardiness, runs in the family haha.

First of all I would like to point out two new deviations created by Known-Prime. They're very nicely done and are definitely worth a look and a comment.

Next off, I'd like to get some feedback about what medium everyone uses. I plan on a contest soon but I'm not sure what the categories should be. I can just make it visual art if we have some writers in here. Plus, it's a good way for me to get to know everyone a little better.

Also, as for the prize of the contest, I'm looking at a year subscription to DA.

Best Wishes, TiB


:pointr: Rules and Guidelines:pointl:

The obvious apply.
:bulletred: Keep it polite. No Debates. I don't want to see any insults or swearing being thrown around without a good reason.
:bulletred: To submit art to Republicans, send a note with the link to the art, the title, description and category to either tib or odiomismo You will be credited for your artwork.
:bulletred: If you'd like to join, send a note to odiomismo. Make the subject something like "Can I join?" Something of that nature. (If for some reason you are not responded to in over a week, go ahead and send your request to tib

So what are you waiting for? Show some pride! :flagus:


Head honcho :icontib:
Vice head honcho :iconodiomismo:

Members :iconmeteraen: :iconzimmydrawer7: :iconjimboroni: :iconinvaderjulie: :iconkristinchick: :iconpuddhe: :iconlightsabr2: :iconangstandloathing: :iconseph-hunter: :iconninebreaker: :iconkamihirosaki: :iconvon-richthofen: :iconlucky9: :iconmylares: :iconchaos022: :iconpsyconorikan: :iconkathrynlochshire: :iconaircraftkiller: :iconakela: :iconrapsody: :iconrood-inverse: :iconraysofeclipse: :iconipholio: :iconamilucky0707: :iconvaneral: :iconsoldier4bush: :iconflickwynde: :iconaurosan: :iconhanginggarden66: :icondestructo-: :iconarabianlover: :icongenesis44: :iconsaylem: :iconcaptainslug: :icongreenchikin: :iconlovestruckmess: :iconlumpygravy: :icongreendesire: :iconknown-prime: :iconjerseynoodles: :iconnyuji-tora: :iconagentl: :iconsoothsayerayzahar: :iconfordartist: :iconcosmospixelkitty: :icontaterbug: :iconachillies875: :icontheaimz: :icontailsandcream4eva: :iconkleo-neko: :iconcombatanm: :iconvalkyrie1981: :iconmushroommagic: :iconsevenandsevenis: :iconrekklez: :iconfantasyfan: :iconfrednugent: :icondj-mech: :iconfedtowolves: :icondarkelektroniks: :iconhaylee-jalyn: :iconmagicpetals: :icondavis190: :iconstarstruck1750: :iconboomerangblue: :iconbluecorgi23: :iconanuvia:

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princessmidna8765 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my gosh... this page is like heaven on the Internet. thank god for some more republicans out there!
Zalin-Fox Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2009
You need to get moving... America is heading down a dark road. With Obama as president leading our country down a slippery slope towards total disaster, why stay so inactive?
CapeComicz Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009
Wasup, I like your captain America pic, plus the fact that ur a republican.
Pineapplelicious Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2008
Yay!! I thought I was one of the few republicans on this site!!!
AkiraMusume Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2008
Thank you for making this account. :D
Morgan-I-Maboy Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008  Student Writer
Ha. I love how a lot of people were like "Yay, a Republican club on dA, I thought I was stuck in Liberal-Land!" and all that stuff...

If dA was so horrible and LIBERAL...then why didn't you all leave?

And I also noticed how insulting everyone is...and in the rules it says "no debates, be polite" still do it. Way to enforce the rules.

Does ~odiomismo help run the club? Because I noticed she is not very polite either. So stop being hypocritical.

I don't see why everyone here makes such a big deal about which political party they are shouldn't affect your whole life. You're all so defensive.

George Washington himself warned America not to form political parties...yet we went and did it anyways...and now people are arguing on an ART SITE about politics.

So, I think you should all shut up. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent...or even from a different country, just shut up.
Spunkypinkferret Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2008   Traditional Artist
Why don't we all leave? Well that is just downright rude. We do feel stuck in liberal-land, all though we are republican, it doesn't mean we have to put politics and art so far from each other...

There are political artists here! Comic artists, that illustrate things to do with elections, and some might have very strong political opinions.

I do not draw much political art, but I draw some. I still have strong political opinions, this is a social website, I make a lot of friends here, and some join clubs. Look this is a club, we can make friends here, and REPUBLICAN friends at that. I like being able to talk about politics, no matter what the website may be!

If you are going to be so crude over a CLUB, just gtfo.
Morgan-I-Maboy Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2008  Student Writer
Oh, and you totally missed my point.
Spunkypinkferret Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2008   Traditional Artist
No I didn't, your point is we shouldn't categorize ourselves so much into parties, and really, I have chosen a party and not ready to give them up, plus parties will probably be in america for a LONG time.
(1 Reply)
Morgan-I-Maboy Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2008  Student Writer
I just felt that the people in the club were being crude and rude and should have a taste of their own medicine.
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