Mothcat Lore - Chapter 1: Origins

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In the beginning, there were only fairies. 

Thousands of fairies, living in logs and empty trees, spinning magic 'round with their little hands and wings. The fairies were wise, but lonely. When it came to birds and other predators, they were defenseless. Their wings let them fly fast, but not fast enough. Their gentle bones and bodies broke easily against assaults, and they often lost many to either ravens or small carnivores. 

After extensive loss, the fairies decided that they needed to act. They needed companions to aid them. They begun looking at animals, and taking note of their attributes. Wolves, bears, lions, rabbits, eagles and foxes - none of them exactly fit the sort of companion they wanted. They experimented with all sorts of creatures, using magic to mix and splice them in attempts to figure out the perfect concoction. Their results were unsatisfactory, and we now know the early creations and their traits to be rather rare and sought after in this modern day.

After some time had passed, the fairies discovered a strange new animal in the woods. It appeared to be a very small lion, little did they know what had wandered into their glen was an ordinary house cat; one that had wandered in from encroaching human civilization. The friendliness of this creature quickly earned their love, with the way it purred and how small and nimble it was in comparison to the fearsome lion. It was a miniature apex predator, who was just as kind as it was fierce. 

The fairies decided then that their new friend, whom they called 'Little Lion', would be one half to the companion they desired.

The other half, would have to be something around their size or smaller to counter the size of Little Lion. They begun to look at insects and other small bugs for ideas. There was the beetle, who came in many different shapes and sizes, however it was ruled out due to its aggression. Grasshopper? No no, too bouncy. Butterfly? No, butterflies were too vain, they would never take part in what the fairies were doing. Ants were much too small, and though they were strong they were not incredibly mobile. After some research and work, the fairies had decided upon a winged insect - the moth. Like butterflies, the moths were light and quick, but they were more modest. They had no interest in their looks as butterflies did, and so the fairies decided they were the best fit. 

When the time had come, and they had both Little Lion and their chosen moth, they begun their ritual. The magic spinning lasted three days and three nights, one day to honor Little Lion, one day to honor the moth, and the last day to conjure up a mixture of them both. When the three days were done, the fairies were exhausted. In front of them lie a handful of silken cocoons, which would later hatch to be what is now known as the beloved mothcats.

Note: This is the first entry of a new segment on which the story of mothcats is told through chapters. Written by reptrion.
Mothcats are owned by reptrion and floramisa, the mothcat story is not for free use. I hope you enjoy!
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