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Instead of the US or British Imperials,  or the metric using standard base,  we should switch to dozenal metric.  Why?  The imperial system has the advantage of using certain logic of dozenal system,  and the metric unit is inheritably superior for conversions.  Imperial Units downfall is their needless complication of converting between units,  and there is no universal expression for imperial measurements.  Metric units using standard base downfall is their reduced divisibility in comparison with metric units using dozenal base. This makes dozenal metric ideals as it has all the advantages of both systems,  and it eliminates downfalls of both.

 To expand on the downfall of both system,  let's start with the issue of imperial units.  Suppose someone tells you to convert 200.375" to imperial decitectural form where feets are annotated,  you'd have to start with feet annotation. You divide 200 by 12, and you get 16'. Then,  you have to subtract 200 by 16*12 to get the inch integer which would be 4 and finally you have to create a fraction representing the remaining decimal and you get 3/8. Therefore,   200.375 inches = 16' - 4 3/8".  It can also be expressed as 200 3/8". 

 The problem doesn't even end there.  If someone asks you to express 7 yds,  4 feet,  and 5. 6459 inches into decitectural form,  well,  good luck with that.  3.5 Mi to In requires you to do mental gymnastics,  pen and pencil or calculator.  In the metric system, 3.5 KM = 3,500 M, and that's very easy on the brain as it all involves just moving decimal points (More on that later).  And let's not get into dead units like chains or ramsen's chain or poppy seeds in the imperial units.  At this point,  the issue with imperial system has been covered.

As for the issue with standard base,  it has less divisibility than dozenal base.  10 in the standard base can only be divided into integers with 2,5 whereas in the dozenal system,  10 can be divided evenly in integer by 2,3, 4, and 6. Furthermore,  1 kilometer is 1000 meters is true in the dozenal metric system.  As you can see,  the usage of 10^x doesn't change by bases.

In scientific application,  meter is defined as the length light travels at 1/8770X seconds according to the dozenal metric system, and that is far more cleaner than the base-10 version of metric. The issue here is that a lot of things would have to be redefined so that units and their relationship between variables would be consistent because base changes the very definition of some units that has been well-established by altering what defines 1 unit of something within that base.

Any comments?

And yes, I know this isn't feasible, but it's the best system there is.
Right now, I been dealing with the annoying instinctual need to reproduce and raise a kid. My gosh, it's just so weird and obnoxious. Like I'm not into sex and never had sex and I'm an asexual man, but yet there is this weird instinct that makes me yearn to have a kid, and I know I would not be a good father. Why?
There's some different form of theological positions that can't be placed on the atheism to theism scale, and there's another question I have.

1) Is it possible to be in a limbo between theism and atheism, and by extension, you simply can't place that person in any of those two?

2) Does Igtheism, and theological noncognivism belong in the atheism scale even though one can make the case that what separates igtheism is that the belief in god is entirely conditional rather than affirmitive. To explain further, some igtheists say they believe in god if only and only if god is defined as x, so therefore they are a conditional theists while it can conflict with atheism by definition, but it's still conditional, so therefore, separating them from atheism and theism entirely?
Let's say a theoretical speciman just suddenly appeared on earth and with enough numbers and intelligence to rule over us. You are now a cow to them, and they are capable of putting us into a farm and all attempts to resist would fail. When it is time to make meat out of you to be eaten, and you cannot refuse to be not eaten, what manner of death would you prefer? Would you ask them any favor?

Questions was inspired by findings of lobsters' pain, but also the ethics of animal meat in general. This is a question where we are now on the level of cows and they are comparatively on the level of human compared to a cow.
Labgrown meat are under heavy research, and soon will be available for the market. The thing with lab-grown meat is that it does not directly impact animals, and lives of animals will be spared. For those two reasons, I can see majority of consumers will swap to those meat, and there could be major changes on the law and market that'll affect conventional meat market. They'll need to stand up to scrunity to live on. Besides religious reason(s), costs is probably the only reason to support conventional meat. What are your thoughts?


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I am someone who prefers to be alone. I enjoy solitude being introspective. I grown up with an art background all my life and enjoys having to do artworks everyday even if it just sketches. There may be few moments where I might actually connect with someone else, those are rare moments. I haven't talked to student peers for a month one time and it feels great not having to talk to them at all.



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