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Due of inactive admins.

We're sorry, we tried.

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Please Read this before joining and check around!

Group needing hire admins!

Welcome to Reptilian Fandom group!

Reptile, Reptilian, fera, Kemono, fantasy creatures, anthro, are welcome join and you can share any pics around!

Rules are:

We do not accept fetishes focus drawings, like foot, diapers or any of those that make us unconformable having those.

If you want to add sexy image, at least please add mature filter on your image. Just think of the children!

Had to be Reptile in pic, so no just plain fuz background of reptilians in background, if they're not important in image.

No drama , no hatred, no bullying users images going on group, it's depends users accept character in battle or anything like those.

We don't accept Screenshot from TV, and video games, because it's not real art, and it's also against DeviantArt's rules. We're sorry, but the bright side we can accept modded character and texture work ONLY created by YOU and can't be import copyrighted like such as Pokemon, Digimon or other copyrighted characters, that owned by companies. If the models of copyright characters are remodel different shape, and the looks are acceptable but NOT SIMPLY RECOLORS OR ADDING ACCESSORIES as those are not unacceptable.

Please enjoy and we will need good help to keep the group alive.

Thank you very much and enjoy the group!

If we get amount of different kinds of art work

I will starts art show top 5, 10 or more pics the best I could.

That is all and thank you for reading!
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CM: Alatum's ref sheet. by Raz-Zyrak
Reptilian Fandom icon by DraggyStar
:icondraggystar: DraggyStar here.

Just to let you guys know, I became less motivation writing due of wanting to focus drawing pics, secret gifts for my friends, twitch streaming and real life.

The down side I been asking wanted but I know not many users would help, and I think now days for DA, users tend to post pics and never bother much focus on groups and self ads. (I did same as well as I felt like I didn't help other groups).

BUT someday if I make well done commission, I may love to start Reptilian contest event, I can hand out gift cards to season winners who are focus on season (Winter, summer theme etc)

Most likely the rewards are going to be steam or Nintendo eShop gift cards that I'll be handing out for the winners in the future.

If any of you guys got bright idea for the group, you can share me your comments, and if your interesting helpping me by doing monthly top 10, feel free to ask.

thank you for reading as I hope you guys enjoy.
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