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Do you love reptiles of any color, shape or size?
Then you are very welcome in our club!

Art Quality

Art submitted to the gallery here should show some degree of talent, effort and sensibility.


You must be a member to submit artwork.
Submit your artwork to the correct folder or it will be declined.
You may only submit 2 deviations per day.
Mature artwork and fetish art are not allowed.
Nude images of anthropomorphic reptiles are allowed as long as there are no visible genitals. Also, images of clothed characters who have pronounced genitalia showing through their clothing will not be accepted.

Here are descriptions of each folder:

1. Reptile drawings: Realistic drawings of reptiles, either digital or traditional. No fantasy or anthropomorphic art here.

2. Anthro Reptiles: Anthro or humanoid reptiles. Anthro photomanipulations should go here as well. No feral art.

3. Fantasy: Dragons, basilisks and any kind of imaginary reptilian creatures.

4. Cartoon and comics: Reptile related comics and cartoons go here.

5. Photography: Photographed reptiles.

6. Fanart: Fanart of reptiles in a preexisting genre or universe. (i.e. argonians, iskars, etc.)

7. Crafts: Handmade crafts including sculptures, papercraft, etc.

8. Stamps: Reptile-related stamps.

9. Literature: Poetry or prose relating to reptiles.


None currently active. Suggestions for contests may be sent to an admin.
Hello everyone, ReptileLovers admin LieutenantHawk here.
I have not been active on this site in quite some time. Logging back on now, I realize that people have still been submitting art and the other admin who I appointed a couple of years ago has deleted their account. I'd like to apologize for our failure to accept deviations or to be active at all in general. I'd like to hand this group off to someone who can manage it more regularly so that it can continue to be a welcoming place for reptile enthusiasts of all kinds. If anyone is interested, please send me a note.
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If you have any questions, comments, conundrums or crises, please contact the admins below. We will gladly help you to the best of our ability.








We accept affiliates that are dedicated to similar subjects, including reptiles, anthros and other animals. Feel free to request affiliation with our group!



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RestrainedRaptor Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2020   Digital Artist
My submissions from two weeks ago expired recently, so I guess you're still looking for more contributors to help out. I wish I could, but I'm already at the limit of three. Maybe try posting another journal?
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Any reptile owners with discord? ^^
GreyLethallin Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2019 Only 13 days to go! <3 We have a bunch of lovely Ball Python/ Royal Python designs!!!!
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Full Body YCH Dragon by Cynder18  $10
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Thanks for reading and please support!♥
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Of course, all is welcomed! 
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