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Family Fun



Finally, a picture for myself again! This peaceful scene shows Reptile and his family: his son Cynrik, his daughter Lunefer and his wife Valeris.

This time, I wanted to create an artwork, which is calming and just nice to look at! And yes... I know, that the "nakedness" on this picture is sorta jumping over the scale! :D Enjoy!!

I wanna dedicate this picture to my dear friends:

... and to all my precious and great fans, I forgot here! :hug:

*Note: This is Reptile's current design! Same goes for Valeris, where I have added a new colour for her belly part. This seemed fitting to me! ^..^
And I have to thank my precious queen =herisheft once again for her great help on this artwork. She "kicked" me hard and good to make this picture all over again, since my first version has been less satisfying. But this version here is way more "free" and fun to watch. :heart:

Drawing Material:
Pencils, Ink, Coloured Pencils, Markers, Acrylics and NO computer!

Working Time:
6 days
Image size
1100x826px 549.7 KB
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Sorry for the late comment, but I checked your timeline, and unless I did the math wrong, Cynrik Jr. is over 20 years older than Lunefer, his much younger sister. She looks a little younger than him here, but not THAT big of a gap.