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Crowning of the King

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Wow... after almost 2 weeks of work, my new picture (you've seen a cutout of it showing Reptile) is finally done! And for a long time, I am really satisfied again! :D

This scene took place in the temple of castle Riverstone. The temple has been build exclusivly for such events... like crownings, royal meetings etc. Even Reptile was knighted in these holy halls!

The characters from left to the right:
Caleb Traevoring (Lord of Atreus), Reptile Cynrik (King of Chron), Kyle Primor (new regent of Aktes), Rashid Alkahr (Archbishop of Tyros), a mysterious man in dark robes, a royal guard (soldier of Aktes)!

Media used:
Photoshop 7.0 and MEDION tablet

Working Time:
60 hours!


+ The background drawing of the temple is NO photo!! I have used my experience from my studies of architecture and a few sketches of Roman temple architecture.

+ My brother ~Curanus has designed the lord on the left side and the Aktesian guard on the right side.

+ All uniforms and armor have been inspired from original military uniforms.

+ I've used Kyle's head from an older picture.

+ The crowning scene and the guy in the light robes are inspired by a classical painting called "Napoleon I und Kroenung Kaiserin Josephine". You can see Napoleon holding the crown himself. The guy in light robes, who's crowning Kyle, is actually Napoleon himself... at least his version from the painting.

+ The guard's halberd is drawn after a real weapon (I own one).

+ The pose of the guard is inspired by a painting of a soldier done by Albrecht Dürer! This way, I want to hail one of the best artists, who has ever lived... Dürer is one of my favorite artists.

Some people already mentioned it... here's still many flaws on the characters AND the perspective of the background. But I didn't want to draw an usual "forest or wood" background and tried something real hard this time.
Yes, I still have much to learn! But there is no learning without practise or help!

All characters and art © *ReptileCynrik
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© 2009 - 2020 ReptileCynrik
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lol. He might leave claw-marks on the nice floor.
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Oh, nay... Reptile walks very delicately here! :D He takes good care. ;)
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If I was there, I think the only thing I would be looking at is the reptile! lol
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FengatorMx6's avatar
Yeah, kinda stands out. X'D
TheShadowhisperer's avatar
GAH! New image? Lots of characters I do not recognize? Shifting level of detail between posted image?! REPTILE IS BACK BABY!!!:boogie:
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Well, he's not the only one. :D Thanks very much for the comment.
Ow, and I'm working on a new picture about him and Kyle right now! ;)
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Caleb on the left looks kinda like the famous artist from the episode Percy and the Oil Painting!
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Er... sorry, I don't know about this. :) I had no reference for this guy. ;) This was one of the few characters I did completely alone.
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Oh you don't need to be sorry. That's great that Caleb was done by you, he just sort of look like someone I've seen in a cartoon.

Btw what was that thing that you didn't know about?
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Er... I didn't know about quite a few things about this picture. :D
I still don't know who that cloaked guy could be. Maybe, some secret order? ;) I want to leave some secrets untold here... so that people can make up their own ideas.
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60 stunden :faint:

aber gelohnt hat es sich allemal, das sieht klasse aus D: *begeistert mit blicken drauf rumfahr*
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actually, after read herisheft's comment/critique on the picture, I "scanned"
the picture and realised that that stand or whatsoever the people are standing on seems like another platform that you paste on the picture, looks unrealistic :dead:
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Yeah, I agree. I never said, she's wrong! :D Sometimes, you see it when printing it and holding it in your hands....
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Sehe gerade auch so ein paar komische Dinge... z.B. die Helebarde oder Kyles Stiefel. Das sieht seltsam aus.
Bin aber gespannt was Joana zu sagen hat. Das teilst du mir doch mit, oder?

Ach, ja ich bin in der Freundesliste von diesem mage-starez. Keine Ahnung warum...
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Nun, klar... "perfekt" ist das lange nicht. Aber es ist halt mal was "anderes"! :D
Das Ergebnis ist immer ein wenig anders, als was man im Kopf hat, aber ich bin dennoch zufrieden. :)
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I hate to say it, specially after your long comment on my last pic... I don't really like this picture, and there are many reasons for it :( I don't know if you want me to put a critique on it over here, or if you prefer to get it by note..or if you ever want to hear it.
I appreciate the amount of work you putted in it, but that's it actually. I am sorry.
ReptileCynrik's avatar
And by the way... ALL critique is welcome, for I did not draw this picture to "show you all a perfect super scene which has no flaws"! ;)
THIS is the first digital project of it's kind... I mean, such scene, background, character composition... I tried to work with the skills I have with Photoshop.
Sure, it can be done better. Please tell me, so I can learn!
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Hey, it's okay if you write it down here. I don't want to appear like someone, who does not listen to critique!!

There're 2 things I can already say myself:
The background perspective is indeed a little off... looks skewed. I wanted to draw a temple room, which has 5 corners and a long path in the middle of it. BUT I agree, it's still not really working here.

And the second thing: I admit, that the characters don't always "harmonize" with the background. In some places, it looks like 2 pictures put together. Though, there are some parts, where it really fits (especially if you take the light sources).
But yes... it is far away from being "PERFECT"! And I did not call it perfect. It was something ELSE...

Yes, please write down what you can see more.
Herisheft's avatar
and last thing... decide on the light source :D becosue what it is here so far it a default light. Actually you play better with light an d shadow on your traditional pictures. sure Cg is easier and less stresfull but that shouldn't make you go lazy and brainless :D

Geez! i feel weird by telling such stuff to an art teacher :D
ReptileCynrik's avatar
One last thing... you know what?
The difference between a traditional and digital work (at least to me):
If I've a traditional paper sheet laying in front of me on my table, I can see the whole picture! If I've a digital artwork, it's on the screen (different perspective) and I've to scroll through it, to soo it all.
I guess, I'm still "better" with my "real paper sheet"... because I have the complete picture in front of me... and the complete "supervision".
But I will carry on! ;)
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It's alright, that you've told me. And we all know: I'm far away from being "perfect", either. ;) You just have more experience in such artworks and... that's why I value your comment.
I may be an art teacher, but that does not has to mean that I'm "good" in all kind of art or illustrations. I do my best, yes.
The light source... well, we have an "open temple". Light comes from everywhere. BUT you are right... if I look at my "Lost and Found" picture, it has WAY better lighting (night, moon and just one torch)!

It's funny... all your critique was clear to me BEFORE reading! :D I've pointed out the temple room AND the relation of the characters, as well. And I admit the mistakes there.

Yes, like I've written before... I admit the points about the room. And I still need to work on perspektive and most of all: architecture. I can't always hide in "jungles" and woods. :D That's why I've tried such room... which is not supposed to be very huge, but still like a grand hall. Maybe, I was too focused on the coloums, that I forgot the room "as a whole".
The suggestion about Reptile and the Lord is very good... yeah, I should've "darkened" them (or completely left them), so that the most important focus is on Kyle. I see it, yes...

You said "some gathering of the characters pasted together from few diffrent stories that are completely not related"... well, I have to deny the point about "not related" characters. ALL characters are related, indeed. The problem is, people can't tell from THIS one picture... they'd have to read all my stories, which I can't expect of them!!! :D
So, I still agree that... it's looking like "many pictures set together as one". :(

Weird thing is, that I did draw all characters in this picture at the same time. I did NOT draw them independently! BUT maybe, it's just this flat view angle.... maybe, I should have not used this "profile shot", right? This could've done better, yeah.

I don't reject your critique and I don't argue or deny it, either. I agree to many points you've pointed out and I'm happy you told me.
After all.... it really helps me in the future!
Thank you! I'll do better. I'll keep up. :hug:
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Patrick hun, if the temple is so bright everywhere, then why the walls are covered in drkness? hmmm...

i believe, and i know taht they are related in the story, but they are not related on the picture... just take a good look. Like i told you, they look like each of them was made separetly and then pasted all together.they look like, you cutted them out from random comic panels and then putted them together. That's what i meant
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