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A desperate deal

Well... here it is: my latest creation!

And after 23 years of drawing REPTILE... it is really difficult to draw something I am really satisfied and happy with.
I can say... I am really satisfied and happy how this turned out. It's been a long time since I had a "real" background... really... a background with lots of details and actually a real scenery or landscape.
Here is a little background story to the artwork you're just watching:

Katathrax: "What do you want?"
Reptile: "We desperately need your help, magnificent one. The lands of Aktes are being attacked by a new evil. The warlord Devon and his army are marching to battle!"
Katathrax: "Why should I concern myself with the wars of man?"
Reptile: "Please, o wise one, this threat concerns us all. If he destroys Aktes he won't just stop there... they will continue until everything and everyone is dead! I have seen it!"
Katathrax."I don't believe you. There have been countless wars and battles in the past centuries and they all came to an end. And we survived."
Reptile: "Not this one! Please... just hear me out. I also present a gift to you... to express our good faith and respect for you."
Katathrax: "Hmm... a very rare gem you've got there. I will listen to you."
Reptile: "Thank you, wise one. My father once told me about the Triangle of Balance... it is about you - the three great dragon lords. Thousands of years ago, the three most powerful dragon lords came together to lay foundation to a great plan. Bralborax, the Strong Minded... Zaldranax, Scale of Wisdom... and Katathrax, Elder of the Clouds. Together, they shape the Triangle of Balance which keeps all the magic in the world in harmony."
Katathrax: "Yes, of course. What of it?"
Reptile: "Well... Devon has already broken the harmony and the balance of magic by creating an army of undead. This unnatural creation must be stopped... or the balance will be broken and all magic... all life will vanish from this world!"
Katathrax: "You have a point. This would indeed break the balance of magic as we know it."
Reptile: "Will you help us to destroy the threat?"
Katathrax: "I will do much more... I will call for Bralborax and Zaldranax. Together, we shall unite against this new evil. The balance must not be destroyed!"
Reptile: "Words cannot express my gratitude... but... thank you!"

Dedicated to :icondrakon-fireblade:

He created the dragon names and gave me some cool ideas about the "Triangle of Balance"!

Also dedicated to three cool guys from FA! Those guys created a nice artwork including REPTILE not a long time ago. Also, I liked how his tail has been used in the other artwork so I thought I could use this one, too!…

Pencils, ink, markers, COPICS, acrylics... and NO digital stuff!!!

about 20 hours

Characters and artwork © Patrick Reichel aka "Reptile Cynrik" 2019


The gem is a special and rare Cyronite crystal which enhances magical abilities. It's a very rare gem and should please the ancient dragon for they all really love rare and beautiful things.…

The brooch Reptile is wearing is the official symbol of AKTES:…
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© 2019 - 2021 ReptileCynrik
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I admire the lore you've put into the world of Rulus. You have written quite a cool story in the description too, and I love the illustration that goes with it. I really do love the way you draw your reptilian creatures! Again, they look so realistic ^^

This is better than anything I could come up with myself.

ReptileCynrik's avatar

Well, after almost 25 years of REPTILE... the world is pretty huge by now. The lore and stories have grown over the years - very often by the help and support of fans/friends! ^^

Glad you like it! :3

This picture is my very personal favourite of all times... and it's not even that old yet.

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Lol pretty noble and formal the way Reptile speak with some overpower being or something XD but I guess it fits for the occasion. 

Gotta said that watching the process and the final result of this work was really satisfying : D I must say that you nail it a lot with the coloring selection by giving more importance to the characters and the background as a supportive element, yet a beautiful that match nicely with them : D And the details with the character´s textures cool as always, never get tired to see those ; ) 

One small little observation I would like to mention is that for the clouds would be nice to give a shade slighty grey but not too grey, like some gredish blue or something not too strong because that grey kinda make some visual noise (at least for me that is XD UNLESS the sun is behind those clouds then that would make sense, especially if the yellow color of the sky marks something like a sunrise  where the sun should be on the very center of the background. However the character´s shading and hilight indicates that the sun is almost on the right side XD

A side of that, and a personal though, watching this pic kinda reminds me the firsts pics I watched from you when I got here XD brings me back good old memories : D
ReptileCynrik's avatar
You already know what I said.  :)
Still, THANK YOU very much for the comment!
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Your work on background is amazing. :) But was it pain in the ass to make it?
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Well, to be honest... I've drawn this background at least two times in the past years... but this was the first time I used COPICS.  ^^ 
The clouds are relatively simple... using colour pencils and a tissue to soften the colours. But using COPICS is like using brush and water... you need to be careful.
I'm glad you like it, thanks! 
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Very interesting, Meister
ReptileCynrik's avatar
MethylCalm's avatar
You're welcome.
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I don't have much to say about it, this once, apart from saying that this is a very well-made piece. Maybe he had a hard time climbing up that mountain in that cape? Really a tiny nitpick on my part.
ReptileCynrik's avatar

I don't think he had to climb that mountain. Did you ever think about a pathway that leads up to this cliff? Yes, there is a path... and seriously, a cape has never been a problem.
Aristodes's avatar
It just looked like a narrow peak, the kind which don't normally have paths up there. That's all.
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Nope. This is just a small, cropped view of a much larger terrain.
Aristodes's avatar
Never mind, then.
PythonBlue's avatar

Very well done, friend. :) Nice to see your art in my feed again.

ReptileCynrik's avatar
Yeah, it does not happen so often....... ^^"
But I am glad you like it.
Atlantean6's avatar
Not bad, Patrick.  Not bad at all.
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
A great fantastical moment both with your artistic skill and writing description.

Reptile knew how to get through to him.
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :hug:
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
You're quite welcome, dude. :D
StarGamerWorld's avatar
Wow, this is amazing! Really like both figures here. :D

And I really like Reptile's outfit too. I take it most people recognize his cape/cloak. :D
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Yeah, and most people prefer/enjoy/like the loincloth...  XD   Just like he used to wear it in the tribal/native style!
Glad you like it, thanks for the comment!!!
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