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I didn't knew there a group all about ReptileCynrik does this image count? there so much people in this image along with ReptileCynrik…
Well, this collection of "characters I like" does not really count... nope. You might wanna separate Reptile, though! 
That would work. Separate and increase the size, hehehe... just a bit.

Unfortunately, I am not sure whether the guy who made this group is still active.... blast!!
Alright and I can understand the rules of this group

Thank you for telling me.
I'd very much appreciate your pixel artwork of REPTILE here.
But like I said... I dunno when this group is going to be active again! :(

Would you... send me a separated version (and increased in size) of REPTILE per mail??
I would put it at my personal homepage in the FAN ART folder!!!!!!!!!!
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I never knew that there was a group for Reptile's fanart. I'm glad that my art could be featured in this group! :D
You could add a translation tool at the website! I'm still CLUMSY...
Some parts of the Reptile Universum are already translated. But everything will not be translated.