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This group is for people who love reptiles and wish to show off any reptile art or pictures. It can be fictional (Such as cartoons you created or like) or non fictional (Art or pictures of actual reptiles.)

Reptiles such as Snakes, Lizards, Gators, Dragons, and Amphibians (which I know are not reptiles but they look similar, so yeah)

Even if you don't have any art or pics of Reptiles, you welcome to join just for the fact that you like them. This group is mainly dedicated to bringing reptile lovers together. ;)
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Jan 30, 2011


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1,019 Members
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Group Rules

There are only three rules that will NOT be broken under any circumstances, if so then he or she will get a warning, and then he or she will be kicked from the group. I know it sounds harsh but I want this group to be as much fun and enjoyable as it can to its members. ;)

1. Art must NOT contain inappropriate content of any kind such as nudity or harsh language, If you sensor it then it will still be removed. Writing however is accepted as long as its not too extreme.

2. If there is a "big" disagreement it must be settled via PM or on that persons page. I do not want any "big" arguments on this group page such as in the blog or comments section. Like I said, settle it somewhere else.

3. Be polite and no trolling on ANYONES art no matter what. This group is designed to bing together people who like Replies, as well as to meet other people that are like you and make friends. So everyone must get along.

Following these rules will help insure that this group stays fun and enjoyable. As long as the rules are followed then I wont have a problem with ANYBODY that joins. Because if you like Reptiles, then your welcome here! :D

Gallery Folders

Kappa by OGYungLilBig
Dinosaurian Godzilla by OGYungLilBig
Warhammer Skink Concept Redesign by OGYungLilBig
Domination #2 by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Traditional Art
Gruesome Gbahali - Still living dinosaur? by OGYungLilBig
Umbaba - The 'Real' Cthulhu by OGYungLilBig

Mature Content

The 'Real' Lamia - Traditional Folklore by OGYungLilBig
Dragon of St. George - Surviving Dinosaurs? by OGYungLilBig
Digital Art
My mind it kinda goes fast [Comm] by RekindletheMoonrise
Autumn Dragon Adoptable [OPEN] by AffableDragon
Feathered Beauty by FreakyRaptor
Amunet Samarensis by Vandclash
big bongo boobas by vah-rudania
iPhoneography CMLVI by LDFranklin
feeding my dog by vah-rudania
the hell spawn corner by vah-rudania
The Devils Hexagon: The Crossbone Chronicles Pt 8 by AxlReigns
War of the Wrestlers: The First War Part 23 by AxlReigns
War of the Wrestlers: The First War Part 22 by AxlReigns
Crush Conquers Barbie Thunder by AxlReigns
Crafts and Sculptures
Hypo Rainbow Boa Pin by MugwumpStudios
Rainbow Boa Enamel Pin by MugwumpStudios
Snake Enamel Pin by MugwumpStudios
Dragonskull Halfmask Violett by Shiryuakais


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Recent Journal Entries

I want to say thanks to all who joined the group.  
Four hundred members isn't allot compared to some other groups, but it is for this one!  
I had no idea we would get this many when I first made this group, it makes me happy to see that there are so many people out their that love reptiles!

Thanks everyone, keep on posting!  So far, our most popular gallery by FAR is Photography.    :D

Now, lets see if we can reach five hundred members!  :dance:
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If there is a problem, or you just have a question about the group. Just ask one of us. ;)






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So, could art involving lamias be submitted here? I have a Lamia OC, so I was wondering if she could be submitted here.
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Is it ok to post photos of reptile terrariums?
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THIS IS MY HOME. *Levitates towards join button.*
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