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The word spacing on this page is particularly awful. I will go through his whole thing and fix all the word balloon problems eventually!
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Kade the incurable optimist.

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With luck, it will be available on Amazon, if not, we'll have it in our online store.

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I really love your art style. Like the story quite a lot too. Excellent combination, waiting to buy this book when it's done. Will you be posting this one on Amazon too? I've got the first book on my shelf and I'm glad I bought it.

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Reminds me of July 1914 when the Kaiser, the tsar, and a few others were desperately exchanging notes to abort the war while everyone else (including the Kaiser, he really messed things up) was pushing into WWI.

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oh boy! hostages!

WatcherMagic's avatar

...a great WHAT-now?!

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Heh, now who's ignoring danger? Guess they are related ;)

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well, they're not going to be happy when they realize the medic is the king's brother :/

LunaSheWolf's avatar

The king doesn't strike me as a great hostage...well great in value, but he seems to be more drama than he's worth in that regard

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I love this comic, so much XD

Saiyuki-chan's avatar

Can we say uh oh?

TR-219's avatar

I am sure this will go fine, and will not result in an accidental conflict.


Much fun to be had in the next few pages me thinks :D

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