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Published: September 9, 2012
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This is my icon sketch . It is a baby Poad (tm).
I have several pics of sculptures of these here, in my DA gallery.
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FlyingGekko774Hobbyist General Artist
I keep forgetting to ask... how did you get at the name of "poad"? 
As for Kade's poad, "Podge" - was it a play of hodgepodge, since the poad is a hodgepodge of mixed species? 
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ReptangleProfessional Traditional Artist
 Weeelll ... it's a dumb, long winded story.
  Entering school, like every one else, I filled out those forms with info about : language spoken at home, religion, parent's jobs ... all sorts of personal info...  I was always stumped by the  "race" question, since I am mixed race.  I started to get pissed by that question in High School, so, being a snarky  jerk, I started writing in  POAD under  "Other". "Meaning "Person of Any Descent".. (I didn't know it also meant "Person of African Descent" but in a way that fits too, we are all of African descent if you go back far enough...)
When I was hunting for a fitting name for this creature I was reminded of that word again on a road sign that had one leg of the R missing. Perfect! So it became a poad.
The name Podge is short for Podger, which is a wrench-like tool. I just thought it was a cute name. Her full name is Podgerell to make it sound more feminine. 
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Sunnybrook1Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Poad's are so cute~ 

I actually thought the name came from a combo of a Pidgeon + Toad (since the body shape was kinda like a toad, but mammalian/avian instead of amphibious). Thanks for sharing the story~

Also, came across this cute bird video whose fluffy face reminded me immediately of Poads that I just had to share. 
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FlyingGekko774Hobbyist General Artist
Oooohhhh... That is such a cool story, and now I know! Thanks for telling me :D 
Well, Lady Podgerell certainly is very useful to have around. Who else can go grab a vel's lost leg and bring it back to life, literally!?
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Envious-0neHobbyist Traditional Artist
maybe some day you should make beany babbies out of these poads or something,so people really can snuggle them.
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bonefishHobbyist General Artist
Are the Poad's faces inspired at all by budgies? Its face, especially the beak shape and eye placement, reminds me so much of my little pet budgies.
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ReptangleProfessional Traditional Artist
Yes, totally. I raised budgies for years, had hundreds of them.
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bonefishHobbyist General Artist
Love it! You must have had a bustling aviary. How did you manage to put up with the nonstop chirping and beeping? I generally enjoy budgie babbling sounds, but the volume my three boys can produce when making contact calls is ear-splitting!
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ReptangleProfessional Traditional Artist
They were outside in a big aviary, so it was a constant background noise. I loved having a big flock of budgies. It was so cool to watch them when I placed their treat dish on the floor of the aviary. A hundred multi-colored budgies would all fly down at once and converge on the dish. The young ones would almost always be pulling the tail feathers of the adults to annoy them, but staying just out of reach of the crabby adult's beaks ... they were so funny.
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lisa-sciannellaProfessional General Artist
i love this little guy. he makes me smile :)
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SunGryphonHobbyist General Artist
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wolfskinnyHobbyist Artist cute.. :aww:
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PhenomiStudent Traditional Artist
Gosh poads sure have cute butts!
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PewterKatProfessional General Artist
It's so very cute! <3
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sesshomaru68Hobbyist General Artist
squee! reminds me of my little parakeet i used to have!
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FairlyOddChick91Student General Artist
I can't decide if this is cute or creepy...I'm leaning towards Great job :)
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TeavianStudent Digital Artist
That's so cuute!
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GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist General Artist
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TrishamonstahHobbyist General Artist
A...Parrot Toad? Cute!
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TreyosHobbyist Writer
All this time, I thought it was a chipmunk. ;P
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iamkathybrownHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wait a minute... It's your comic I've been reading!
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