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Excerpt from The Keeper
The room was dim, as most rooms in the estate were. Shutters were drawn against the harsh heat of the day, and inside, the shadows lent much needed respite. Soft footsteps crossed the hard-packed floor, and the black-eyed man sat on the side of the simple bed tucked into the corner of the room. He smiled as he reached out and brushed back dark hair from a sweaty brow.
"It's all right, Asif," he murmured. "You have fulfilled your duty, and I release you into the arms of the Savior."
Asif gazed up at the man who had been his responsibility for the last thirty years of his life. A life he had devoted to the duty of his line. "He awaits," he choked out, his vision darkening.
The man smiled, the expression tender, almost loving. "He always waits."
An hour later, the man stood before a semi-opened shutter, the heat wafting into the sickroom. Asif was gone. Forty years, and he was alone once more. He sighed, shaking his head. Asif's brother had died two years before, but he knew there was a c
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Kitty Looooves the Baby Jesus by RePietEnterprises Kitty Looooves the Baby Jesus :iconrepietenterprises:RePietEnterprises 0 5 Kris and Chessie by RePietEnterprises Kris and Chessie :iconrepietenterprises:RePietEnterprises 0 4 Darron and Maelog - Tridea by RePietEnterprises Darron and Maelog - Tridea :iconrepietenterprises:RePietEnterprises 2 6 Storm Moon Press Spine Logo by RePietEnterprises Storm Moon Press Spine Logo :iconrepietenterprises:RePietEnterprises 2 7
Excerpt from Rachmaninoff
Nikola Jovanović paced the outer balcony of his room, his cloak flapping in the chilled wind that smelled of rain. Below, his servants worked to prepare a meal he would not eat, clean a manor he rarely explored, and welcome guests he would rather not have in his home. He leaned against the railing and looked out over the city, glowering as the wind whipped his hair about his face. The only reason he had allowed for the gathering was in order to be closer to one man.
One man that had become his obsession – a foreigner with eyes like oak-kissed amber and hair the color of molasses.
He'd been petitioned by the young man's father to school him in ancient histories and music. A young man he'd been watching for years now, though neither the parents or the child knew of that interest. He had spent the last three years arranging this particular event, and he was not going to waste a single moment of the year he had carefully arranged for.
It was for that young man that he now opened
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I'm BACK! And I bear writing/jewelry gifts!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 26, 2013, 11:22 PM
It's been FOREVER since I updated my Deviant Art page! Have you guys missed me? Almost two years! Shameful!

To make a long story short, I've been hard at work with Storm Moon Press. I moved down to Florida back in July 2011, and we have all sorts of amazing books to offer now through SMP, so head to the official Storm Moon Press website if you want some quality GLBT/QUILTBAG fiction!

My current Work In Progress is the final episode for my serial fiction, Immortal Symphony: Overture. The serial is all about Dorian Gray (yes, the Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde's work) in an Urban Fantasy setting that takes him out of Victorian London and into modern times. There's a lot of debauchery, of course, but it's really a serial that is about peeling back the layers of Dorian's character. He's definitely more than he seems at first glance, which the other main character, paranormal investigator Gabriel Lawrence, slowly discovers. ;)

The first episode (short story) is just $0.99 if you want to give it a try. The best deal is the Season Pass, which gets you all the episodes as they come out (though the season finale is all that's left this season, which actually makes the timing perfect for newcomers ^_-). BUT! You also get exclusive bonus content if you're a Season Pass holder, and that includes bonus short stories from the authors and exclusive artwork from the very talented nathie. And who doesn't love Nathie's work? I mean, seriously!

In other news, I've started crafting, so you'll see some craft stuffs added as deviations here now. I do custom jewelry with my co-author/room-mate over at KS Charms on Etsy, so be sure to check out our shop and give us some love there if you see anything you like! We do take custom orders, so don't be afraid to ask for something specific if you think we can make it for you!

I'll leave you all with a feature of some of nathie's recent cover art work for Storm Moon Press. You can find my writing HERE, which includes freebies! Also, if you're a Nathie fan and enjoy her cover art, you can get it in poster form through our website. ;D

*hugs and kisses*
~K. Piet

A Collaboration between sedART & petercui


K. Piet
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I'm an author, publisher, and massage therapist. The majority of my time is spent on projects for Storm Moon Press, the GLBT-centric small press I founded with my co-author, S.L. Armstrong. We're devoted to putting out quality erotica and erotic romance fiction. Curious? Go to to check it out!

Beyond my work for Storm Moon Press, I love to hoopdance and occasionally draw characters and maps for my fictional worlds. I also sell custom jewelry at KS Charms on Etsy. Enjoy!


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