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A Princess in the Apple Tree

a brown paper lunch bag, crumpled and ironed. white and blue paint, crayon, pen, gold metallic paint, and colored pencils.

100 picture challenge - link
#21/100, (An Apple Tree)

tell me what you think could be better, I'm trying to improve
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you couldnt draw your way out of a paperbag. But you certainly can draw on one you artistic hobo you.
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*screams* YOU DID THIS ON A BROWN PAPER BAG? Sorry to yell, but you're just amazing! I love the rosy color of the girl's dress, and the folds in the cloth... the leaves are beautiful too, and the boughs, all the details in the bark are wonderful. The smatterings of gold are gorgeous. The girl's skintones are nice, too. ^^ She looks really soft, like real flesh.

If I had to pick a fault, I'd say the girl's head could probably change... It might just be me, but I think it'd look better smaller... and if she's looking sideways, her cheekbones should curve outwards more... from under her eye area? I'd also go for a more definite chin
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yep, her head was really wacko. You just reminded me that I actually redid this piece on a larger scale back in the fall. In the newer painting, she is a completely different girl with better proportions and all. Maybe that is why I don't like it as much. She looks older and the magic is gone, so I never posted it.. maybe I will now. And thank you for such a nice comment, you really made my coffeetime this morning extra special :) :heart:
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I think this is beautiful just as it is. I love the idea of a little girl being in an apple tree, and the rest of the world around her is surreal, just like her imagination.
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that's a wonderful way to think about it!
lunarticfloydian's avatar
i certainly will send you pictures! i'm very excited about it! :]
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i really love the medium you used.

this is very beautiful. like all of your work tends to be! :heart:
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thank you so much -- I'm really glad you like it!!
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i hope you don't mind but, i'm wanting to put a few of your works together as a full sleeve tattoo.

they're just so gorgeous!
Reowyn's avatar
ohmy, are you serious? If you do end up doing that, you'll have to send me pictures for sure! :D
QuagmireSapphires's avatar
The detailing is beautiful; I quite honestly can't find a part of this picture not to absolutely adore. I love the whiteness of the tree branch and its many intricate knarls and knots. I love the leaves, finely vined and tinged with gold. I love everything about the girl- the way her dress and hair hangs, her unsure posture and face, as though she's not sure she's the princess or else not sure how to get down. You do her skin tone marvelously, as well as the little flush in her cheeks. And the tiny flecks everywhere make it feel even more magical.

And the fact that you drew it on a crumpled paper lunch bag gives you cool points for life. I could easily see this drawing in a book of children's stories, the kind that's read over and over until the stories and pictures are memorized.

Oh, right, critique. Um... heh heh. I can't find anything to critique! I'm not a visual artist by any means, but I know when I love something and I love this. Fabulous job!
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Thanks :heart: my goal right now is to strengthen my art skills to a point where I can illustrate childrens books! That would be my dream job and it's nice that you thought it looked like a childrens illustration. I know I must be headed in the right direction :D
and I'm glad to get cool points!!! Thank you so much for such a touching comment :hug:
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I think it's gorgeous just as it is!
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Ok, I'm only saying this because you asked, and after staring at the picture for some time trying to find something you could improve: I think her face and head are a little disproportionate with her body; it makes her look older than she probably is. Maybe with a rounder face and slightly larger eyes you could fix that. But really, that's nothing to worry about, I loved this pic. XD The tree looks absolutely fantastic; I really envy your inking skills and also I find it highly original that you used lunch paper for such a fine piece!! XD
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I have such trouble with faces - thank you for your suggestions! I will definately try to fix it, and keep this in mind for the future! Thanks so much for the nice comment :)
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wow i love this! really nice work, well done =D
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Lovely. I like the atmosphere of this one. :)
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Great tree, love those details :) and if I could make you to change sth, I'd ask for more details on the princess's dress, to make it look a bit more like tree, all those little branches and so on :) But please don't change your way of using colours :XD:
Reowyn's avatar
Ohh, that's something I haven't heard yet!! And I definately see what you're talking about, her dress sticks out like a sore thumb, it looks unfinished! Thank you so much! I will change it
Adelaida's avatar
Yay, I'm helpful! :D :bump:
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Gorgeous and sweet picture and I love the texture of the crumpled bag it makes it look windy.
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this is sooo beautiful!!!!
Wise-Cat-Of-Wisdom's avatar
Lovely, the paper bag works really really well!
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