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Deviation Actions

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What you cannot do with slots

Bullet; Black *Infinite slots are no longer allowed; the maximum number of slots allowed is 5 slots per comment
Bullet; Black *Slots 'until x is rolled' are no longer allowed. This refers to markings, traits, coat types, etc.
Bullet; Black No restrictions may be placed on the slot UNLESS it is a split slot
  You may request to be tagged and, of course, a rule about no inbreeding may be added, however rules such as not allowing breeding a certain marking to the same marking or only breeding to lisse Reoseans must be written as a split slot, regardless if the POTL goes to you or the person you're selling/trading the slot to.

What you can do with slots

Bullet; Green Combo slots** are allowed to be posted on one comment
Bullet; Green Asking to be tagged is allowed
Bullet; Green Asking for no inbreeding is allowed 
Bullet; Green Allowing the slot to be sold/traded/gifted/splits 
Bullet; Green Asking that the slot not be sold/traded/gifted/splits 

Infinite Slots: Means that you are giving an un-designated amount of slots whether it be temporary (until a certain marking/fur type is rolled) or a permanent slot.
Combo Slots: A slot to both the sire and dam (provided they are owned by the same person) posted together to be bred to one another

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Approval Details: (who the slot goes to, whether it is a full slot or a split, etc)
Rules: (inbreeding/sale/trade rules etc)

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Due to being at 9,201 comments as of writing this, this journal is now officially RETIRED.
Please post your Sire/Dam Approvals in the newest journal.

Any approvals made after this comment are VOID.