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- To breed your Reoseans, both parents must first obtain the Pure of Blood Certificate (and have them in the trophy section of their imports) by completing their Purity Trials.
- Every Citizen Reosean starts with 5 breeding slots. To see individual stages of political status and their breeding slots, you can have a look here: Political Status.
- You, as a player, may request a breeding up to 3 times and be a part of 2 split litters a month.
- One Breeding request per a comment.
- If you are not the owner of the Reoseans you wish to breed, you must first acquire approvals - Sire / Dam Approvals
- Keep track of the breeding comments so you don't lose your proof of ownership.
Please do not converse within the breeding threads! This is strictly only for transferring ownership or for posting the breedings 
- If you are changing the Reoseans within the breeding or changing the litter details such as split/full then you will need to hide your comment and repost.

- When participating in a split, you must designate through comments which person is getting which genos.
- When participating in splits please TAG and notify the other party that you are participating in a split as they will need to confirm the breeding. If you do not and you are using permissions written out to them and they do not confirm, your breeding will not be rolled.

Monthly Breeding Slots: HERE
Reoseans' Breeding Slots: HERE


Fill out the form below and post on the journal

Link to Sire x Link to Dam
Sire Owner Approval: (Mine if you own the reosean, permission link if you do not)
Dam Owner Approval: (Mine if you own the reosean, permission link if you do not)
Litter Details: (Does the full litter go to you? Are you splitting with someone?)
Breeding Number: (Format should be like this: MONTH 1/3 [for fulls] or MONTH 1/2[for splits] ex: Jan 1/3 or Jan 1/2)
Supplements: (Glint potion, etc. If no supplements are present, leave this empty)
Skills: (List all skills from Sire and/or Dam if applicable)
Roll if inbreeding is present?: Yes/No

Tagging: (If your approvals ask you to tag, this'll be where you can do that)

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