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[S-T3] Lion 006



Name: Lion
ID: 006
Owner: Reos-Empire
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years
Height: 170cm
Species: Vayron
Type: Runner
Fur: Angora
 - Dumbo Ears
 - Spade Tail
 - Feline Eyes
Genotype: Dan+nSt/nPn/Ma/nSb/nGl
Phenotype: Striped Masked Sable Dandelion with Pangare and Glasswork

Magic: Enchanted
Low Class
    -ICQ: Unfinished
High Class

Citizenship: Thedale
Political Status: Paramount | Starter Tier 3


Equipped with a powerful presence, this noble is eager to steal the hearts of lost lovers and husbands alike. Lion has pride in everything he says and does. His coat is impeccable at all times, anything less is unacceptable. His manner of speech and his movements are refined. Hard work and breaking a sweat is a problem for others to deal with. He is reserved and selective in who he sees behind the sandstone walls of Thedale in both terms of business and pleasure. His confidence, intelligence, and pristine coat make him charming before his negative traits creep in. With a silver tongue and slight of hand, this gentleman knows a lot more than his privileged eyes dare tell. Perhaps a coin or two will bring some interesting stories and rumors out from this noble lad.

------------------------------------------ GGR1: Unknown
----------------- GR1: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR2: Unknown
Reosean 1: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR3: Unknown
----------------- GR2: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR4: Unknown

------------------------------------------ GGR5: Unknown
----------------- GR3: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR6: Unknown
Reosean 2: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR7: Unknown
----------------- GR4: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR8: Unknown

Designed by Castanetta
Touch-up by SinCelticus
Personality by Kriegsgaldr and GlacialFalls
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