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[S-T3] Clyde 740



Name: Clyde
ID: 740
Owner: Reos-Empire 
Gender: Male
Age: 32 Years
Height: 186cm
Species: Vayron
Type: Puller
Fur: Friese
 - Clipped Ears
 - Equine Tail
 - Round Eyes
Genotype: Rus+nSot/nDn/Or/nSo/nMb/nPn
Phenotype: Sooty Oriental Dun Rust with Socks Umbra and Pangare 

Magic: Enchanted
Low Class
High Class

Citizenship: Roenden
Political Status: Paramount | Starter Tier 3


With pride in his step, this handsome stallion is ready to stride into ones life! A true ladies man, Clyde is here to lend a shoulder and the comfiest hugs. This gentleman is always seen wearing a smile and a bounce in his step. Friendly, dependable and steadfast, many Warrenfall parents have pointed their children at Clyde as a role model - a role he quite enjoys, and does his best to live up to. Sometimes, that leads to him being only too willing to put others' needs before his, but most of the time it just means he is surrounded by an assortment of kids of various species, safe under his guard while their parents are busy.

However, he refuses to make babysitting his main job, instead putting his impressive strength to use as a carrier - often with a braid or two in his tail put there by eager little hands earlier. Despite his large size, he's soft around the edges and cannot wait to find a place to settle down once he's ready.

------------------------------------------ GGR1: Unknown
----------------- GR1: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR2: Unknown
Reosean 1: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR3: Unknown
----------------- GR2: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR4: Unknown

------------------------------------------ GGR5: Unknown
----------------- GR3: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR6: Unknown
Reosean 2: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR7: Unknown
----------------- GR4: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR8: Unknown

Design by: Pudingi
Touch-up by: Kelyias
Personality by: Kriegsgaldr and ZooofAlexandria
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