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[S-T3] Cassandra 008



Name: Cassandra
ID: 008
Owner: Reos-Empire
Gender: Female
Age: 25 years
Height: 186cm
Species: Vayron
Type: Puller
Fur: Duveteux
 - Silken Ears
 - Base Brush Tail
 - Round Eyes
Genotype: Cob+nMr/nBr/nOv/nTs/Ma/nPn
Phenotype: Marbled Brushed Overo Masked Cobalt with Tanspots and Pangare

Magic: Enchanted
Low Class: Scholar
    -ICQ: Finished
High Class: Theurgist
Specialty Class: Warlock

Citizenship: Warrenfall
Political Status: Paramount | Starter Tier 3


In the dense forests of Warrenfall, large monoliths and epitaphs are commonly scattered around in the wildlife of this grande continent. The origin of those came from the magician / wizard (whichever you think sounds best, she really has no preference) only known to locals as Cassandra. With wishes being whispered between the trees, this magician likes to grant them if they are simple and kind enough to those who wished upon them. This often leaves great tales for the children and pups of Warrenfall to tell.

Homing Bolts [Attacker] [On use]
    Four bolts of energy are unleashed, dealing 1d6+3 damage each. These bolts automatically hit, and can be divided amongst multiple enemies. This ability has a cooldown of two turns.
Volley [Attacker] [On use]
    The warlock can choose to target all enemies or just one. The bolts grant +3 Attack for one turn. On hit, if targeting all enemies, they will take 2d10+5 each. If choosing one enemy, on hit the enemy will take 6d8+5. This ability has a cooldown of three turns.

------------------------------------------ GGR1: Unknown
----------------- GR1: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR2: Unknown
Reosean 1: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR3: Unknown
----------------- GR2: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR4: Unknown

------------------------------------------ GGR5: Unknown
----------------- GR3: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR6: Unknown
Reosean 2: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR7: Unknown
----------------- GR4: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR8: Unknown

Designed by Castanetta
Touch-up by Kelyias
Personality by Kriegsgaldr
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