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[S-T2] Siren 001



Name: Siren
ID: 001
Owner: Reos-Empire
Gender: Female
Age: 25 years
Height: 162cm
Species: Vayron
Type: Runner
Fur: Lisse
 - Long Ears
 - Whip Tail
 - Feline Eyes
Genotype: Sil+Fr/hU/nSo/Bl/nTb/nCt
Phenotype: Freckled Silver with Underbelly Socks Blanket Tobiano and Curtain

Magic: Enchanted
Low Class
    -ICQ: Unfinished
High Class

Citizenship: Roenden
Political Status: Paramount | Starter Tier 2


A kind hearted soul with a beautiful voice. She is a bard who sings on the streets of Roenden, weaving tales of victory and overcoming the odds. Those who hear her walk away invigorated and determined to make the most of their day. Some believe Siren imbues her songs with magic, although she dodges the question every time it comes up. Regardless of her remarkable talent and street performances, Siren is surprisingly shy in her personal life. Her days are often long because she struggles to decline one last request. Contrary to her public life, Siren enjoys her time alone.

------------------------------------------ GGR1: Unknown
----------------- GR1: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR2: Unknown
Reosean 1: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR3: Unknown
----------------- GR2: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR4: Unknown

------------------------------------------ GGR5: Unknown
----------------- GR3: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR6: Unknown
Reosean 2: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR7: Unknown
----------------- GR4: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR8: Unknown

Designed by Castanetta
Touch-up by Kelyias
Personality by GlacialFalls
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