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[S-T1] Fable 012



Name: Fable
ID: 012
Owner: Reos-Empire
Gender: Female
Age: 25 years
Height: 113cm
Species: Vayron
Type: Chaser
Fur: Lisse
 - Fluffed Ears
 - Feline Tail
 - Round Eyes
Genotype: Ame+nSb/Bl/hU/Ma/nVd/pB
Phenotype: Sable Masked Pebbled Amethyst with Blanket Underbelly and Void

Magic: Enchanted
Low Class
    -ICQ: Unfinished
High Class:

Citizenship: Warrenfall
Political Status: Paramount | Starter Tier 1


Born into a fairly mundane Warrenfall existence, Fable took her name from the numerous adventure stories and old legends she was introduced to as a youth, and she still has a boundless imagination as an adult. She is a thief and a rascal in full glory. To inspire those the way she was inspired, she tells telling stories of legendary fables for cheap coin to add to her secret lairs. She is equipped with an incredible mind, and an even more incredible arsenal of connections everywhere. Fable is able to string a story together in a matter of minutes, so don’t let her small stature fool you; she’s a pirate, she’s a fairy queen, she’s a long lost member of the royal family - just so long as she has a captive audience.What she cannot get from her incredible storytelling, her swiftness easily scores her jewelries and riches beyond what a chaser like her should have.

------------------------------------------ GGR1: Unknown
----------------- GR1: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR2: Unknown
Reosean 1: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR3: Unknown
----------------- GR2: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR4: Unknown

------------------------------------------ GGR5: Unknown
----------------- GR3: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR6: Unknown
Reosean 2: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR7: Unknown
----------------- GR4: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR8: Unknown

designed by Castanetta
Touch-up by Kelyias
Personality by Kriegsgaldr and keptune
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