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"I can do it. I know I can."

Will she? Won't she?..


Leon and Ada by Italian_Utent
Room by Lara_maniac
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 is Welcome to my favorites!+fav 

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Oh, this is oozing with feels! And I love how it is open to multiple interpretations.
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When I first saw the pic, I kinda interpreted as Ada telling a wounded, not-able-to-fight Leon that she's out to perform her last mission, and after that nothing will keep them appart. It's the risk of the mission, though, while she's forcing herself to believe she can do this.

Then I read some comments and realized the general interpretation is highly different. ^^;
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Oh well, you can interpret as you like (: I never looked at it that way but your version seems valid enough. It does look it...
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Yeah she'll do it....she'll rip his clothes off and make love to him like she has always wanted. >_>
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While holding a gun to his head? (:
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oooooiiiii sweeet <3 like it ^^
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Only if she finds an older richer man...geddit? Cos she's asian! Lol jks
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esta genial la adoro wii hasta k encuentro mas de ada y leon n.n
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Nah, she won't...she loves him ;)
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Excellent render, really like the background.
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No problem at all..
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I say she'd kiss him.
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