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Different Evening

By reorain
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He didn't expect to see anyone, until...

"You don't need that, handsome."

- // -
Ada by BlueJ97
Bar by Lara_maniac
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Nobody gave a shit about me although i survived the damn island explosion....
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hm hm looks like you've got your self a girlfreind dude, ask her out :3
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I like Ada`s expression. That is her "watchful"-expression and I always liked that, although I never liked Ada that much.
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I like Ada but If I say it in front of someone who really dislikes her they go berserk.
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Good job stopping Leon from getting drunk, Ada.
DressphereMasterYuna's avatar
OMG,I missed their models so much ^^
I love them in RE4 style,so much >v<
DemonLeon3D's avatar
Nice Work :la:

Model Leon By ?
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Nice - they're in "Heaven's Night" ;)
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“you do not need that, handsome”
“yeah,you are right, what I need is you!”
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"You don't need that, handsome."
"Yeah, but I love you, and you don't love me..."
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I think... maybe Leon had been already known about what RE6 will be......
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So is Leon upset about something and Ada is there to try and comfort him or something like that?
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Yeah, she's comforting him.
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Hmph! I don't like Ada! But You made this picture so real! :)
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Thx. I tried ;)
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must be the bar Leon was going to hang out with MIIIIIIIIKKKKEEEEEE!!!
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They're so lovely together!:love:
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Oh wow! Love this! What program did you use to set this up? ^^
reorain's avatar
thank you! Used xna lara + Maya
strangah's avatar
Oh! Cool THanks!
And my pleasure! :D
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i love too re4
me add
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NIce IDea .. co0oL
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