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My entry for the #Evo-Obsessed-Club

Dear Roommates/Teammates:

Gunner can only turn people into sheep, he himself cannot shape-shift//turn into a sheep at will. He's not a sheep P:

So if he touches himself he won't turn into a sheep, same as if if Rogue touched herself, she doesn't steal her own power.

Hopefully that clears up what he can do.

I guess I should elaborate the "Mutants react differently" because they have the X-Gene. Some could turn into full blown sheep, others may just have ears or horns ect...
Humans are wimpy and just *poof* sheep.

EDIT: More info.

Odd eyes. I honestly could not decide on blue eyes or brown eyes and I was like "meh, one of each"

Gunner is like stupidly afraid of dogs, they totally creep him out. When he is sick, he has a hard time controlling his powers, even he gets sheep like features when it happens.

He's not good a sports, he does alright in school. He can be kinda snarky at times, but once you get to know him, he is a pretty OK dude.

I feel bad for anyone who gets teamed up with this guy. Originally he was created for my USELESS MUTANT RP!!! Hah ha. A class taught by Forge. Pretty much they had no hope of ever actually becoming X-Men and Forge is stuck baby sitting.
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For some reason I had the mental image of him manifesting his powers a la Rogue. ( first kiss). I think it was the 'Poof. Sheep' on the description. Lol.
Is i weird I actually like reading about the ocs? They dont seem all that useless to me. They're entertaining. -w-
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Hah ha. That would have been funny!
If you like Gunner, you should check out #XME-OC-CREW since he was for a contest, we ended up making a group for all the characters we made up.
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...I think I'm in love with your OC. :love:
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Whoa...that's...unsual. I LOVE IT!Good luck in the tournament! Your character is so cute btw!
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Thanks. It is tough being original in an original character contest!! Amirite? LOL.
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That's...hilarious. *slow clap*
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Hah ha. Thank you *bows*
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He is adorable!
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Sheep? Heee thats amazing <3
Yay Heterochromia iridium!
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Sheep! <3
Yay for odd eyes.
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What? *cracks up* What a great power XD
Love his pose and his eyes~
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Thank you. Not every mutant is super awesome, sparkly special powered I am sure.

I could not decide if he should have blue eyes or brown, so he just got both...
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I like the power xD It's awesome xD
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He is my useless X-Men, I started up an RP that never worked out. It was going to be about X-Men that suck. Hah ha!!!

My friend made up an X-Men that has soapy spit, he can blow bubbles.
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Lawl xD That sounds epic >.<
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