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''Justice'' League Banner

Loosely inspired by this:…

Wanted to do a Justice League Banner with the casting that we already know for sure (since we don't have a Flash or GL as of now, I took the liberty of using CW's Green Arrow and The Flash).

And yes, that clock tower in the back is intended to be Snyder's realistic/grounded version of the Watchtower, as opposed to a moon base in outer space.
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For those who dont(altho u really SHOULD)kno....
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Green Arrow
silverwolvesarecool's avatar
This is awesome beyond belief!!!!!!!!!!
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Wonderful fan-made for the JL :D
AndrewSS7's avatar
I like this. Nice composition here!;)
Camo-Flauge's avatar
Seriously man, your work is amazing... How do you make/edit the costumes the way you do?
And one question, will we ever see Green Lantern (John) and Hawk Girl done by you?
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Thank you! All i can really say is Photoshop. And that depends on if those characters are ever cast. The real aim of this banner was to show all the people who are officially cast in the movie (with the exception of the Flash and Arrow, although there is the slightest possibility that the TV universe is being merged with the movie one, to compete with Marvel).
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Fair enough then, well I hope they cast them someday in the cinematic universe, because it would be great to see you adaptation of them... Your Flash and Aquaman are the best I've seen.
I really hope they go through with a merger, but as far as Grant and Stephen are aware there won't be a merger :(
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The possibility is a lot greater than "slightest" :P
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Considering they strangely haven't casted the Flash yet, and managed to cast Cyborg and Aquaman (who's fan base is nowhere near as big), I guess you're right. I bet you that's why they pushed the release date back to 2016.
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Well, if the TV universe was merged with the movie one, they would have casted Tom Welling as Superman. I doubt they will depending on how successful THE FLASH does in the fall. And since they are re-casting GL I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.
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That's not entirely true. Smallville was it's own universe. It had its own entire Justice League in the show already, so bringing that universe to the movies wouldn't make a difference. It's essentially just making the show into a movie.

Arrow and The Flash are two separate shows that exist in the same universe. Bringing them to the movie universe is merging the movie characters (Cavill, Batfleck) with the tv shows' characters (Flash, Arrow). Do you see my point?
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