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Classic Wolverine live-action concept

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Hey guys, I've been pretty AWOL for a while. Work has been pretty busy as of late.
Wanted to get back into the manips now that I seem to have some time.

I fashioned Black Panther's helmet into something that could work if we ever wanted a classic Wolverine in the X-films.
If Spider-Man and Captain America aren't too silly to be translated into live-action, neither is Wolverine.
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interesting... I find it funny how very few people tend to go with any of the versions of his older mask shape. I took from the modern and the original but I don't know how well received it will be.
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Hey rainingcrow, I had a look at your designs. I think it's really well done! You go above and beyond the aesthetics of the costume by defining everything down to the materials the suit should be made of. I like the yellow/blue design better - I think the blue ears are a little too close the helmet; I know you're going for a sleek/modern approach, and it's executed pretty seamlessly. But in my opinion, either the ears should be extended to match the look of the brown/yellow helmet, or you should color everything that's not part of the forehead/nose portion blue. Just my constructive feedback :)
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Yeah I actually did about 6 variants on the helmet for that one and had considered posting them alongside the one that I chose but after spending a few hours going back and looking at all of them, I sort of just decided to go with the one I thought had the best look and practicality to it together.

I tried the tall thin close in tips, Wide winged back, wide flats, combo shorts, all kinds of curvature and angles... I just really felt like this one read as the most natural extension from the previous design, moving from padded leather to molded polymers without looking ridiculously out of place in reality is tough, and you could potentially make it any shape you wanted with the materials... but then finding a rationale behind it... It's like Batmans ears... they are fine and they serve a visual function. In the comics sometimes they even make them super tall... which works on paper but not film... For film they have to stay below a certain level or else they become a problem for both the actor and the audience. 

Suspension of disbelief only goes so far, but if you push it too much then people are sitting there going, "there's no way anyone would fight this dude without a 20 minute argument about the ears. No one on the team would shut up about it." 
I mean at the end of the day it's not like Thor where his winged helmet is some royal thing and its accepted sheerly as an ornamental piece. Its not even like batman where he is actively projecting one image to detract from a secret identity. This one is just a short street brawler with a goofy helmet that would become handles or hindrances if you go too big or too wide... But at this level they actually don't get in the way to much. Its directly inspired by the costume from Astonishing x-men combined with his original appearance fighting the hulk, plus they still allow it to read very much as a helmet rather than a cowl. 

I designed the tips on the leather helmet to actually be where the seams had busted loose and the padding had just unfolded into that shape... but I figure that after so many years and it sort of becoming more and more of a look that he latched onto with the name... he likes it at this point. Its part of his identity... I just want to keep it within the audiences ability to accept. 

So far as the coloring... I could see going blue with it. I left the yellow over his actual ears just to show that the yellow does extend back and around after the tips end up top... Plus since its directly over his actual ears... I figure it'd be a good place to put some added padding and strength... Small guys get their ears boxed a lot in fights. Its because their styles usually involve low swerves and haymakers  from someone of a more average or taller stature just wind up landing in some really bad spots for them. 
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Your manip of Black Panther's mask into Wolverine's is brilliant! Amazing artwork!
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Neat ! Take a look at my attempt :


What do you think ? Feel free to comment !
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MCU Wolvie is still better then his FoX-men counter part :D
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This is bloody awesome mate, best manip of Wolverine I've seen so far now.
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dude this helmet looks bad ass as fuck
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