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I’ll be working on something different, I already have concepts and basic informations of the characters I’ll be making. I believe that in my account I already revealed one of them which was Yuri.

The characters are divided into four groups, the concept would be something similar to bands but I would be talking to some people with experience on it so I can create them more effectively. I’ll start to post them after I finish the list for requests then you’ll be able to see them. ^^


P.S: For a spoil there would be 12 of them.
P.P.S: I’ll be using the anime artsyle with lineart for them, and go for lineless probably when it’s a poster.
P.P.P.S: I was inspired by something I saw on facebook lmao

As you can see on my gallery..... I've got no art style to stay in. Gosh QAQ The result would just depend on the mood of my hand and imagination but there's none art style to stay in. 


It's so confusing, especially when some cases or class that you need to pick one of your works to submit and you'll just be like. 

Miss, I d o  n o t  k n o w  w h a t  t o  d o. H E L P! "
-So yeah, as what the title said, it is about my watermark. I'm a very neutral and confusing person and I have two watermarks. The watermark I always use before and the now. The first was a simple lettering of my RL last name "Zara" and the now I always use was my second signature. (Yeah I know too confusing so... I got a real signature but I made a signature for my art and that's what I use for my arts as a watermark. Please tell me you did understand)

I also kept posting my artworks before because I'm just new around here and I felt like sharing them and they have different credentials so I was thinking that if maybe some were thinking that it wasn't mine so yeeaah. Just letting you know. But don't worry, I'm always using my signature now so it wouldn't mix up.
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1. Sheiatritht 
Cosmos Protect Black


August 29, 2017

Just recently joined the DeviantArt family and I was so shooked. Could someone also explain to me what are the points and Llamas are for exactly? I'm lost.....