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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 27, 2014, 7:07 AM
General Rules
✖ Be sure you have the money/points at hand before placing a bid/commissioning me.
✖ For adopts: please reply on the "Bid Here~!" comment, it makes it lots and lots easier
      For commissions: please send me a note with the filled out form that can be found on           the commission journal.

✖ If you retract your bid without given any reason, I give you a second/last chance on other adoptables. If you do it a second time I'll have to put you on a blacklist.
✖ Snipe guards (used in auctions) are usually 1-2 hours. Snipe guards are used to give   people a fair chance to bid when the end time/date is near.
✖I'm always willing to send WIPs of your commission.
✖I also have a job and I'm a college student so please understand that I mostly work on commission in the weekends. max. waiting time is 4 weeks.

Payment Related
✖ Points or Paypal only, currency is EURO/USD.
✖ If you pay through Paypal please note me your Paypal address so I can send you the invoice.
✖ I honor the 100 :points: = 1 USD rule.
✖ If you won the auction please pay within 48 hours(unless there's a reason that you need more time), otherwise the adopt goes to the second highest bidder.
✖I'm willing to do payment plans if the price is higher than 60$, you can discuss that with me through notes ♥
✖ I only send the files after I've received your payment.
✖ The file will be send through a  note on DA or through mail if the customer prefers that.

Character/Design Related

✖ If you won the auction you can treat it as your very own OC and give him/her a story, name, etc. You are allowed to make some changes to the design (gender, color palet, etc.)
✖ If you want to resell a design, please tell me, I'll even help with advertising ^^.
✖ When you resell a design the price must be equal or lower than the original price (except if you have extra art of course). I also allow trades.
✖ Please credit me when you use the original art of the the character/design.

Thank you for reading~! .:little cheerful face:. by kittiehcakes

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Felisae Species~! {Information}

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 21, 2013, 11:02 AM
A Feli-what?!?! a@

Felisae are basically human/cat hybrids with a spiritual touch. They live on earth (Nyaa??) and walk around hiding their ears or they create illusions so that they appear as normal human beings. They love to hang around people with a strong spiritual energy (Aura). They don't need any food to survive and live by absorbing someones Aura, this sometimes causes people to have sudden headaches, tiredness and other kinds of weird happenings.

What's up with that tail?

Their tail represent their energy level and element type. While activating his/her powers, the tail will appear and his/her eyes will start to glow. Felisae aren't born with the tail activated and activate them during puberty (usually between 14 and 18 years old).

Element types and their represented colors~

Image Hosted by

Height and weight….?

The height and weight depends on the "Ear Type" of the Felisae. They usually vary between 140cm to 180cm and weight is between 35 and 75 kilograms ^-^

Tall-eared: 160cm-180cm -- 55 to 75 kilograms
Lop-eared: 140cm-160cm -- 35 to 50 kilograms
Short-eared: 150cm-170cm -- 45 to 65 kilograms
Flat-eared: 150cm-180cm -- 45 to 75 kilograms

See below picture for ear types~

Image Hosted by


They can get very old. Especially the Lop-eared Felisae tend to become 120 years old. The average dying age is 95.

Any weird thingsss?? >w>

They love apples~♥ *hides zeee applesss* but they can't stand sour food T^T

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