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Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

Sat Oct 14, 2017, 6:54 AM
Short info or links.

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!
They mean a lot to me! ♥

I'm another year older haha ;u;

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Commissions: OPEN

Mon Oct 2, 2017, 9:30 AM
Short info or links.

Hello~! Emoji04 by Emoji-icon

I'm open for commissions!
I'm doing 3 slots at a time (will be opening more when I'm done with the first 3)

Please read the rules below before ordering! ;u;


Waist-up ♥

New <---------------------------------------------------------->Old

28 USD | 2800 :points: for one character
45 USD | 4500 :points: for couples


If you are interested, please send a note :note: or comment below with following information:

♦ Character name:
♦ Reference:
♦ Pose:
♦ Background:
♦ Extra's: like plushies, pets, etc.
♦ Extra info about the character: optional
♦ Payment type: points/paypal

Blushy Icon Style ♥

Suri-icon by Reo-chii Vivien-icon by Reo-chii

9 USD | 900 :points:


If you are interested, please send a note :note: or comment below with following information:

♦ Character name
♦ Reference
♦ Payment type: points/paypal

Pixel chibi ♥ (Coming soon)

  • I have the right to decline a commission if I'm not comfortable with the character ;u;
  • I ask you to pay beforehand. People misused my trust in them in the past..
  • Commissions will be finished within a month, there will be a progress bar for your commission on my profile ♥
  • I use invoices.
  • I can draw:
    • Kemonomimi's/demons/angels
    • Humans
    • Anthro/furry
  • I can't draw:
  • mecha's/robots
  • Old people


       || ADOPT/COMMISSION POLICIES ||General Rules
✖ Be sure you have the money/points at hand before placing a bid/commissioning me.
✖ For adopts: please reply on the "Bid Here~!" comment, it makes it lots and lots easier
      For commissions: please send me a note with the filled out form that can be found on           the commission journal.
✖ If you retract your bid without given any reason, I give you a second/last chance on other adoptables. If you do it a second time I'll have to put you on a blacklist.
✖ Snipe guards (used in auctions) are usually 1-2 hours. Snipe guards are used to give   people a fair chance to bid when the end time/date is near.
✖I'm always willing to send WIPs of your commission.
✖I also have a job and I'm a college student so please understand that I mostly work on commission in the weekends. max. waiting time is 4 weeks.
Payment Related
✖ Po




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Tagged ^-^

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 23, 2017, 9:29 AM

I got tagged by the sweet :iconsealkittyy:

•You must have 20 fun facts in order to participate in this challenge
•You must copy these rules into the journal, status or wherever you write it and post it but it must be on Deviantart
•You must tag/challenge 8 other peeps into this fun challenge

20 facts about you:
  1. I eat peppers as a snack ;u;
  2. I have a younger brother, but a lot of people think I'm the younger sibling
  3. I'm 159cm tall OTL...
  4. I can wiggle my nose
  5. I have a pet bunny named Miles (he's the cutest thing ever ahhhh)
  6. My dad and I collect anything related to videogames (mostly Nintendo)
  7. I love coffee ♥
  8. I love bunnies, cats and owls ;//u//;
  9. I love spicy tuna sushi >u<
  10. I live together with my boyfriend and Miles (pet bunny) in cute and small house ♥
  11. I wanted to become a doctor when I was a kid. I'm a graphic design student now and I'm still happy with the outcome.
  12. I've got a habit of keeping my problems to myself (I really need to stop this)
  13. I love seeing art of other artists, I love seeing new ideas and concepts and seeing the artists improve.
  14. I love Ginseng tea~
  15. I don't like bossy, inconsiderate and rude/loud people
  16. I'm a huge Pokemon fan ^-^
  17. I'm not good at presentations >u<
  18. I love grapes and peaches
  19. I have a form of autism. Fortunately, people never notice it ^^
  20. I have a lot of plushies, but I love them so much and I can't throwthem outttt ;A;


    I don't know who to tag so.... Anyone can do this if they want toooo~!! =^-^=


I'm back!

Wed Aug 2, 2017, 11:29 AM

Hello, I'm finally back!

I've got a new tablet pen which means I can draw again.
I'm working on a new species of which I will upload an adopt around this week.
Since i've moved into a new home together with my boyfriend I've been so busy unpacking, but it looks like a real home now >w<

I hope you are all having a great summer!
It's quite rainy here in my country but I'm still having lots of fun ♥



Adopt sale (updated)

Wed May 24, 2017, 1:05 PM

Hello everyone!

Below I've got a few adopts that still need homes and I hope they'll find a good home ♥

Comment to claim~

Lots of love,

Summer Sorbet Fuusagi | Set Price OPEN by Reo-chii

Fuusagi adopts

#1. 15 USD | 1500 :points:
#2. 15 USD | 1500 :points:

Anthro adopts || 11 USD / 1100 pts OPEN by Reo-chii

Anthro adopts

#1. 11 USD | 1100 :points:
#2. 11 USD | 1100 :points:

Protagonist Adopts | 1/2 OPEN | SP by Reo-chii

Bunny Girl

8 USD | 800 :points:

Thank you for your support!

Fri Dec 30, 2016, 2:20 PM

Tomorrow is the last day of 2016.
This year went by pretty fast in my opinion, it's like it was January yesterday orz

I want to thank you all for your support, you guys are amazing!
Without you I wouldn't be where I am today with my art ♥
I still need to improve on a lot of aspects but I'm still young so there's enough time to work on that~!

I know I haven't been that active the last 2 months, I'm very busy with college and my job at the moment.
I also need to get an internship for September next year //sweats
And I'm going to move into an apartment together with my boyfriend next year! I'm so excited for this ahhhhh!!
Even though we are still looking for something affordable which is kinda hard in the small country we live in ;u; (oh Netherlands, why must you be so tiny)

I hope you all have an amazing new year's eve and best wishes for 2017!! ♥♥


Chibi commissions || CLOSED

Tue Oct 4, 2016, 6:59 AM

have 3 slots open for a new chibi style!

The style will be like this:

AT Kumopurin by Reo-chii


18 USD  or 1800 Points
Couples or 2 chibis are 33 USD or 3300 Points

Extra's: you can add extra's like animals and plushies for free


:note:If you are interested, please send a note with following information:

(max 2 characters per slot!)

Name Character:
Pose & Expression:
Extra's: (plushies, animals, etc.)
Payment type: (if you pay with Paypal, please put your Paypal address here as well. I work with invoices from now on :) )

**Please note that I'm a student and I also have a job ;u;
Max. waiting time is 4 weeks ♥




Waitlist is available

Paypal issue + short hiatus

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 5:00 AM
Hey hey!

I know I've been inactive the past 2 weeks, I'm sorry ;; ahhh college started again.
I'll be quite busy the next week/ 2 weeks so I won't be posting anything probably.

I'm also having some issues with paypal.
I paid for an adopt 2 weeks ago and paypal didn't trust it because i didn't choose a shipping address (which wasn't needed because it's a digital file)
So now they think it was someone else using my account while it really was me ;u;

I send them a copy of my ID and other stuff so now I'll have to wait.. //sobs

I won't be able to do any paypal commissions until this is solved.

now... back to stu-dying~!


I'll be back on July 1st~!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 19, 2016, 1:27 PM
Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry about the inactivity, I've been very busy with exams ;u;
I'll be back on the 1st of July ♥

I'll be going to Crete (Greek island) tomorrow til the 30th of June with my boyfriend, I'm so excited haha~! >//u//<

Wish you all the best!


Merry Christmassss~!!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 25, 2015, 12:19 AM

Merry Christmas everyone~!!!

Hope you cuties all have a wonderful day~! <3

I won't be able to reply to comments 'til the 27th/28th~ I'll be busy celebrating Christmas with my family + my boyfriend and his family <33 (one big family lol)

Hope you all have a great time~! ♥♥ :iconsweethugplz:



New account in the new year~!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 17, 2015, 11:45 AM

I will probably move to a new account at the beginning of next year~!

I wanna start fresh ;u;

I'll still keep this as a side account though ♥
annnddd I still need to think of a name for my new account haha


Feral adopts looking for a home~!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 12, 2015, 5:43 AM

I've got a few feral adopts that still need a home ;u;

comment to claim ♥

Dust Tail Fuusagi #3 || CLOSED by Reo-chii and Dust Tail Fuusagi 02 | CLOSED by Reo-chii

6 USD or 600 :points: each

Scaredy Cat Adopt || 5 USD or 500 pts || OPEN by Reo-chii

5 USD or 500 :points:


Art trade~? // EDIT || CLOSED

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 4:49 AM

//EDIT: I've sent out the notes~! \^o^/

//EDIT:  Wow I never thought so many people would reply o////o, and you all have such nice art!! <33
I'll note 2 people tomorrow~!

I'd like to do 1 or 2 art trades~! <33

I'm mainly looking for chibi's or pixel dolls~

I can offer a chibi in return~! ;//7//;

The style will be like this:

|| Milooooo by Reo-chii Kemonomimi Adopt || CLOSED by Reo-chii

Please note that I mainly want to trade with people that draw around the same level ;;
I don't mean this to be rude, please don't hate me ;////;

I'll note you if I'm interested~! ♥


Turned the Oniiri 08 auction into an OTA

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 12, 2015, 12:48 AM

I turned the auction I put up last night for this Oniiri into an OTA ♥

Oniiri Adopt 08 || OTA || CLOSED by Reo-chii


Waist-up commissions || OPEN

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 6, 2015, 11:43 AM

I have 3 slots open for waist-up commissions~! ^///^

they will look like this:

Most recent -> older

COM || Kira and Kiki by Reo-chiiCOM || Liara and Sarina by Reo-chiiCOM || Oz and Oliver || Darkabyss101 by Reo-chii|| Stripes 'n Stars || by Reo-chii

20 USD or 2000Points || Couples/2 characters are 35 USD or 3500Points 
Extra's: you can add extra's like animals and plushies for free


  • I have the right to decline a commission if I'm not comfortable with the character ;u;
  • Please understand that I also have a job/school ;o; max. waiting-time is 4 weeks.
  • I ask you to pay beforehand. People misused my trust in them in the past..
  • I can draw
    • General OC'S
    • Kemonomimi's
    • Any gender
    • most animals
    • Shounen-ai / Shoujo-ai (yaoi / yuri)
  • I can't draw:
    • mecha's/robots
    • some weapons
    • anything 18+ XD

Thank you so much for reading!


If you are interested, please send a note with following information:

(max 3 characters per slot!)

Name Character:
Extra's: (plushies, animals, etc.)
Payment type:






Waitlist is available


Any people from France/country with French culture

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 23, 2015, 5:31 AM

Hello~! ;//7//;

Are there any people following me that are from France or people from a country with French culture?

Me and my project team are doing research about the music culture in France/French cultured countries~!

We are looking for about 30 people to fill out this inquiry:…

When you're done press "Enquete indienen" which is Dutch for 'submit' >u<

You guys would really help us by filling out this inquiry!

Thank you very much!

I would also really appreciate it if you could share this journal! ^///^



I'll try to be more active!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 31, 2015, 11:17 AM

School started today haha~! ;7;

And my job takes much less time now
So that means more time for owed art~!! >//u//<


AngelLinx3 65%

clueless201 50%

iwaki-0 30%

I'll update this journal every 2 days


I'm back from my break!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 20, 2015, 1:28 PM

Heyyyyy ;//7//;

I'm back from hiatus.... I'm so sorry that is took longer than expected OTL
I had to work a lot these 1 1/2 week ;u; //is really tired haha

I'm almost done with the second/last raffle chibi which will be uploaded this weekend~!
The commissions will be finished around the beginning of next week~! ;7;

Tomorrow is another 11 hour day of work ahaha //dies


Small hiatus

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 9, 2015, 9:11 AM

I will be taking a small break (1 week) so I can sort a few things out ;u;
I will be working on commissions and gifts during this break though ^^ I just won't be that active on here

All the art will be posted at the end of this week ♥

I've never taken a break before like this but due to some personal issues + I have to work 10+ hours everyday for 6 days straight so I also need to focus on that

I'll get back to you all this weekend + I'll post all the owed art \^u^/

Lots of love ♥




Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 1:43 PM

They doubled the price for a PM.... and that new star symbol....DA WHYYY!?!? OAO

We didn't ask for this damn it...

I'm not gonna pay $50 for a PM....just no..