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January 14, 2008
I just installed Thunderbird it. Why? Because I just saw an amazing skin to tune it up! The great work behind Mac OS X Leopard Mail by ~REO-2007 features an excelent mimic of the popular OS X mail app, but this time, under Windows! Be sure to give it a try, and say good bye to your web browser when you have to check your emails.
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Mac OS X Leopard Mail 3.2.6



Leopard Mail 3.2.4 Theme for Thunderbird 3.0pre - 3.2a1pre

----version 3.2.6 Update July 28, 2010----
- bug fix for "get mail button etc...."(dropmarker)
- bug fix for TB3.0 "search box."(dropdown)
- bug fix for calendar view "alarm icons"
- bug fix for "tab colo"r of MacOS X
- add supported "Cert Viewer Plus" of extensions
- add supported "Xpunge" of extensions

:#1:Theme Installation..... :spotlight-left:Thunderbird Add-ons:spotlight-right:
Leopard Mail-Default-Aqua : Download
Leopard Mail-Default-Graphite : Download

:#1:add-ons Installation.....
:spotlight-left:Leopard Mail Themes support Add-ons</acronym>:spotlight-right:

:target:Extension Supported
:bulletyellow: Lightning 1.0b2pre
:bulletyellow: Enigmail 1.1.2
:bulletyellow: Slideshow 1.3
:bulletyellow: Buttons!
:bulletyellow: MagicSLR 3.3
:bulletyellow: Signature Switch 1.6.6
:bulletyellow: Compact Header 1.2.3
:bulletyellow: GMail Conversation View 1.1.1
:bulletyellow: New Tab Button 0.1.23
:bulletyellow: tbNotes 0.2.1
:bulletyellow: ThunderBrowse 3.3.1
:bulletyellow: AddressBook In Mode ToolBar 0.7
:bulletyellow: Mail Redirect 0.7.4
:bulletyellow: Google Calendar Tab 3.1
:bulletyellow: Show InOut 0.7.9
:bulletyellow: xnote 2.2.0pre1
:bulletyellow: Stationery 0.6.1
:bulletyellow: Contacts Sidebar 0.8pre
:bulletyellow: Cert Viewer Plus 1.6
:bulletyellow: Xpunge 0.4.1
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did u update it