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Mac OS X Leopard Mail 3.2.6

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Published: December 21, 2007
Leopard Mail 3.2.4 Theme for Thunderbird 3.0pre - 3.2a1pre

----version 3.2.6 Update July 28, 2010----
- bug fix for "get mail button etc...."(dropmarker)
- bug fix for TB3.0 "search box."(dropdown)
- bug fix for calendar view "alarm icons"
- bug fix for "tab colo"r of MacOS X
- add supported "Cert Viewer Plus" of extensions
- add supported "Xpunge" of extensions

:#1:Theme Installation..... :spotlight-left:Thunderbird Add-ons:spotlight-right:
Leopard Mail-Default-Aqua : Download
Leopard Mail-Default-Graphite : Download

:#1:add-ons Installation.....
:spotlight-left:Leopard Mail Themes support Add-ons</acronym>:spotlight-right:

:target:Extension Supported
:bulletyellow: Lightning 1.0b2pre
:bulletyellow: Enigmail 1.1.2
:bulletyellow: Slideshow 1.3
:bulletyellow: Buttons!
:bulletyellow: MagicSLR 3.3
:bulletyellow: Signature Switch 1.6.6
:bulletyellow: Compact Header 1.2.3
:bulletyellow: GMail Conversation View 1.1.1
:bulletyellow: New Tab Button 0.1.23
:bulletyellow: tbNotes 0.2.1
:bulletyellow: ThunderBrowse 3.3.1
:bulletyellow: AddressBook In Mode ToolBar 0.7
:bulletyellow: Mail Redirect 0.7.4
:bulletyellow: Google Calendar Tab 3.1
:bulletyellow: Show InOut 0.7.9
:bulletyellow: xnote 2.2.0pre1
:bulletyellow: Stationery 0.6.1
:bulletyellow: Contacts Sidebar 0.8pre
:bulletyellow: Cert Viewer Plus 1.6
:bulletyellow: Xpunge 0.4.1
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Gooday mates:

Since a long time I have edited the "install.rdf" file to make it work with the last version.

However, in TB 15.xx the Leopard Mail-Default-Graphite has lots of bugs, so is not worth it installed.

Buddy, your skins are really the best for Thunderbird out there, so please update them and/or please make a tutorial to teach us how to do it.

Thank you,

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totally agree with memonio77 - this is the coolest theme and i have been using it for years now. unfortunately it no longer works with TB v.15 even after editing the install.rdf file. please, please update it!! much appreciated.
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Hi Reo, is there any chance you could update this to FireFox 13.0.1...I love the look of the theme and so want to use it on....I dislike the standard theme on FF and so do love the look of the apple, thanks Debbi x
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Hello REO, you could make it compatible for Thunderbird 10?

Thank you!
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Holy shit, Thunderbird 6 is out now...how this theme works with thunder 6? Please help! ;(
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for thunderbird 5, open the .jar file with 7zip or something similar and edit the install.rdf changing the maxVersion to 5.3 or whatever
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Unfortunately, even this hack does not make it work on Mac OSX. I only get distorted windows. Had to unistall the theme in safe mode.

Please, reo make an update!
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Yeh, thank you for this very good tip!!!
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Can you please update it to support thunderbird 5? I love this theme very much.
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Any plans on updating (if it is possible at all...) this great skin for Thunderbird 5??? I would appreciate it very much :)
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Leopard Mail-Default-Aqua doesn't work...
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Hey, the those that have problems with the search mail dropdown not opening.

You need to press exactly on the lower border of the box, exactly under the search arrow (not on the magnifying glass or or the arrow itself - just under the arrow on the box border).

Here is an image if you dont get it: [link]

For the developer, great work. Best theme for TB.
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Thank you for bug report.
If you do not feel inconvenience for extension, I recommend use of TB v3.1.1.
The support of TB v3.0.* is until December of this year.
I finish a revision in a bug and update the latest edition by the end of this month.

Thank you.
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Thanks for the update! Best theme ever for Thunderbird!
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kahilProfessional Interface Designer
is it possible to move the alarm icon in the calendar to the left side? if you have something set to a category, that category color is hidden behind the alarm icon. either move the alarm icon to the left side or the category color spot please.
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kahilProfessional Interface Designer
yeah.....the old version is still there....
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kahilProfessional Interface Designer
spoke too soon. if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the view all versions link you'll find the new update. it just hasn't been reviewed by Mozilla yet so it isn't posted. it will in time. just installed it and it works great.
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Thanks for the tip! Works great!
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The 3.2.5 update not appear in Thunderbird Add-ons... you can fix this?

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Yeah, P-L-E-A-S-E update this awesome theme for TB 3.1!!!

You can use Mr Tech's Toolkit to make this theme run under TB 3.1., but the outcome is flawed. Most obviously, the search field and the quick filter bar are buggy.

As there is no true theme alternative out there coming as close to the Aqua design, I'd even be willing to donate via Paypal for an update!
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Thank you.
I update the latest version (corresponding to TB3.1) within one week.
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kahilProfessional Interface Designer
Hey bud. Just wondering if there will be an update so that we can use this theme on the newest version of Thunderbird.

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Thank you.
I update the latest version (corresponding to TB3.1) within one week.
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