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Bunch of idea's cramped into one. xD
I have not been submitting in a while , cause of school and other reasons.
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I feel my critique on this is less about the artistic work itself as it is about your comments and presentation of it. The piece itself claims that "typography can be as simple as this." In another case perhaps I'd look and this and go, "Oh, this person is intentionally trying to be minimalist," but here I read your statement as something that almost undermines the work that goes into creating effective typography. Almost as if it's saying "so easy a monkey could do it."

The arrangement of the letterforms themselves are just okay - I don't think they're shockingly grand or inventive or anything - but I do like the arrangement enough to take a closer look. Something about the odd space after "as" compared to the larger chunk before the ending "as this." Color choice is effective, especially since you balance it at the bottom with the "footnotes." The addition of texture is fantastic, too, I really think it makes this image. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

Like I said, this piece isn't bad, but think it falls flat of something more interesting. The lines swiping sideways add some nice visual stimulation, but not much (especially with the tangent created at the bottom curve of the S in "simple"). They do serve well to fill up the ample visual space, however.

I'd love to see a larger size available for download. I have the feeling the information at the bottom is very interesting, but the viewer can't read it in the full view size!
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Thanks for the critique. :D
Uhm how could you state that "so easy a monkey could do it".
Cause Im just showing that simple shapes, textures and arrangement of the text could make a decent peice.
And I'm sorry cant provide a larger size. School is busy.
Renz. :D
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The secret of true greatness is simplicity :tighthug:
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nice SIMPLE lang.
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galing ne toh kapatid
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Thank you po. :D
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Thanks for everyone that commented and faved.
Yeah I know I kinda messed up in some parts.
Kinda rusty after a long 3 weeks of not touching PS. lol
And I'm really sorry I can't upload a larger size. School is busy and such. My free time is only enough for commenting and replying.
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Ooh I like it. Very simple, I like the aged look, though it would be nice to read the text at the bottom.
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I think it's a little too simple, but still has a cool design to it. In fact, the design for some reason makes me think of a vintage movie poster, despite the lack of any images to it. I really like the aged paper look along with the color scheme. Overall, good job :)
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First look at this piece of art:

I love it. Simple clean, nice color scheme. When I was viewing the full version I noticed that you chose the right texture for this piece.

After a longer look:

I noticed the text below the lines, I like the idea of "LIVE LOVE DESIGN", and then art, but I would like the text under to be readable.
Also, a bit too much of the empty space.

Its nice to put put a blank space after simple, because that also reflects simplicity.


Nice piece of art, a few - points, it looks great, but a bit more work. GOODJOB AND STILL JEALOUS :P
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I don't think the bottom bit fits in too much, but i like the top bit.
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