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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes,
art is knowing which ones to keep"
-Scott Adams.


Saw this quote ad made this. :D

Texture: by *freaky665 ([link])
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Used the same quote myself in a design :)
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A great dynamic angle, I like the texture and the colour choice is ok.
The blue line segregates the blurbs in an awkward way. By this I mean the line "creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes" seems dislocated by the blue line.

The last lines in the paragraphs have huge rivers (the type is spaced way too far apart). There are a number of ways to correct this—here are a few; forced line breaks, adjustment or correction of justification. Also try setting justification with last line left aligned. Or, try shortening the line length, some hyphenation could also correct this.
There are too many different paragraph alignments going on making this an overly busy piece
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ang linis nito galing!:D
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Did you follow a tutorial or something? Since i've seen a very similar design to yours:


Just to let you know, in case it was a rip.
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I have made a tutorial for this.
But i submitted this on June 2 and that was submitted on June 20. Meaning I was the first to submit between the two similarities. I don't know if you would consider the link there as a rip.
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Ah then he might have followed your tutorial or got "inspiration" from yours. I wasn't accusing you, i did notice the dates ;)
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Beautiful colour combination and interesting design.
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This right here... Story of my life. ^_^
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*nods and agrees*
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That is really really cool!
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Really nice, and I love that color combo, i have designed my business cards using those three, most awesomest color combo that is :D
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I love the colours and the textures and creativity/art is a great theme :D

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your design featured here [link]
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