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Kings, Thrones, Peaches, Lemoncakes... etc.

Okay guys I'm done with it.
I'm to be honest not too convinced by the shading. At first I tried to do some cell shading kind of thing but failed at it. Well, then I just did it ... somehow. Also the sigil of House Tyrell in the back is just one mayor fail.
stock images by :iconstruckdumb:, as always.

I just plain love the armor design of Ser Loras in the HBO series. Apart from the king's guard his armor is by far the best. I mean look at it: [link]
I like that whole rose and thorns idea more than the original "colourfull flowers" from the books.
I wanted to make his hair darker and longer, like in the books but... yeah.

Yesterday I read the Jaime Loras scene where they talk about Renly and I nearly burst out in tears. This was so incredibly sad guys. SO INCREDIBLY SAD! (errr anyways moving on I sound so fangirly.) Ser Loras is actually such a badass character in the books ;)

Character by G.R.R. Martin. Who is divine.
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oh gott, wie lang hab ich bei dir shcon nimmer kommentiert??
auf jeden fall niedlicher typ, auch wenn ich ihn net kenn...
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die schatten sind gut geworden^^
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Thankies. Findest du? Ich hass die grad xD
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Oh, so gut bekomm ich das gar nicht hin^^°
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achwas ^^^° so gut ist es auch wieder nicht... >.> ich bin von meinem versuch von cell shading ehr son bissla enttäuscht.
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Ich hab meine version mal normal hochgeladen, ich hoff das war ok?
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Hokay ich schau mal vorbei und freu mir nen Ast :D
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