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Binoculars 4: We don't do tacky stuff

Someone who's not actually in the band. Yeah, Riva doesn't actually even know how to sing without making people want to loose their hearing and she never quite got over the lessons of flute she had to take at School.
Shush away with that.

So Riva Alanna Weekes here wanted to study art but was rejected at pretty every college she applied to. Huh. So well, she decided to follow her passion of drawing on people with markers and became a Tattoo Artist. But don't come at her with all your pretty ideas of Slogans, lettering, roses, tigers and tribals She's rather picky about that. Well she's picky in General because she was born without a sense of smelling, which results in her being very very very clean. Sure, if you can't smell you don't know what's smelly/rotten/dangerous/on fire. Apart from that, huh, she likes to boss Andrew (her best friend) around, watch Action movies and give you advise about your life.

Also she doesn't do Camping. Uhh-uhh. Doesn't happen. All the mud and sweaty people are just too much to bare.
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I really like the tattoos and her hait cut
also I like the idea of not beeing able to smell...thats interesting
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Oh yes it is I didn't actually know one can be born without a sense of smelling Bodys are fascinating.

I would so love to do a full body tattoo version.
(but I should draw andrew first)