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Binoculars 3: Minor Thread

It's a fun thing to say you've not been active and then drown people in shit. Yah no that's a compilation of the past months. Now in one compact wave. Because that's how I roll?

This is Ilean Edith Kwan (It's basically Eileen but I for some reason don't like names with an "ei"?), 17, probably already smarter than 90% of the grownups you know. She collects wigs, does her A-Levels atm and later on either plans to study Philosophy or become a professional chess player. Both will probably pay equally little.  Also she writes pretty much all lyrics for their band and plays lead guitar. This Girl got her shit together.
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omfg! I love the color gradient on her pants and her hair^^
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I actually wanted to do tie-dye on the pants but I'm a lazy ass but than you!