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back to basics


Well, yes, I'm back to openbox after some window manager hopping.
I've tried several tiling WM lately and they really have some very nice features, but I have also realized that I don't want tiled windows all the time.

So I've basically assembled an openbox setup with features and keybindings similar to those of tiling wms, but with the flexibility of a floating wm.
I have to say that it's great and I feel to have the best of both worlds, though I may be wrong.

The keybindings, are badly inspired from vim, wmii and i3.
An informative description of this setup can be found here: have a look to get an idea of what I'm talking about!

As always, you can find all my configs on my bitbucket hg repo

OS: Arch Linux x86_64
WM: Openbox 3.4.11
OB theme: 2px
GTK theme: termGTK
Font: Terminus
Wallpaper: Leaf Skin
Apps: urxvt.tabbed, vim, vimperator, weechat, conky, tint2

Comments and favs are more than welcome!
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Bello, quindi non hai usato pytyle e simili ma hai impostato tutte le combinazioni nell'rc? comunque io, dopo aver amato openbox, adesso non riesco a staccarmi da tiling assoluto...
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dude, thisw looks awesome!!
can you share your PS1 variable from your bash.rc ?
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Hey there,
awesome looking thing u got there, and good job smelting those two worlds together.
Already intrested what are you cooking next, or are you settled and satisfied with current wm and settup.
+1 fav

Best of luck,
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Love to Estonia from an argentinean guy who used to live in Tartu.

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thank you mate. ;)
I'm still in love with this setup but I havent't had much time to play with my config lately so... we'll see! :)
i love your stuff! iam using it right now, with all configs :)
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thank you mate! ;)
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molto bello, mi sa di retrò e a me piace il retro :D

ed è ancora più bello se è su openbox, sei una continua ispirazione :)

continua così
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Grazie mille, apprezzo molto il tuo commento! ;)
SuNjACk94's avatar
non c'è di che ;)
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if you want to WM with tiling and floating windows, you can use e.g. Awesome WM and set something like: 1st desktop-tiling windows, 2nd desktop-floating windows.
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Yes, I will probably give awesome a try some day, when it will become more stable and won't break after each update.
However, atm, I don't feel I need anything else than this openbox setup. :D

Thanks for your suggestion! ;)
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what is missing)
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I don't know, tell me :D
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make the floor transparent windows in the terminal :chew:
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Tried it in the past, but I don't like it too much in the end. ;)
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clear, waiting for new creations)))
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I'm with you. I've desktop hopped ever since KDE4 was thrust upon us in its perpetually crippled state. I'm glad it has been a project managed by kids with crayons -- otherwise I would have missed out on some great desktops. After hopping, I generally build a few more .so 's for kde3, polish up gnome and then end up back on enlightenment or fluxbox if I just want to get work done. I like openbox just fine, but always end back up on flux for some reason.

With kdemod3 becoming harder to maintain and with Jan's death at Chakra, I'm convinced that Gnome is now the power desktop (compiz addiction problem) with E17 showing lot's of promise. E16 is still great, clean and fast, and the boxtops are as stable as always.

So many great desktops, so little time...

Thanks for the openbox ideas!
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hey, thank you for your insightful comment and for sharing your ideas! :)
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You bet,

Glad to see another Archer who enjoys the great minimal desktops out there :)
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me likes it
me fav +1 this one :D
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nice and thanks :tux: for configs, good idea
and sorry, don't understand,
on the screen PyTyle+Openbox?
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