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Moka is an elegant and minimalistic theme suite for your GNU/Linux desktop.

The archive contains a GTK, an Emerald and an Openbox theme.

Moka is a modification of mookid, a style created by aMADme --> [link] and ported to Openbox thanks to bl1nks --> [link] : thank you guys!


- 29/09/09: Fixed a little bug in the minimization button in the emerald theme.

- 03/01/10: Added xfce4-notifyd theme!

- 19/01/10: Added selection border on Gtk buttons.

- 26/02/10: Moved from #ffffff to #ecedee, changed openbox buttons color, added .conkyrc and tint2rc.

- 22/03/10: Fixed a bug on right arrows prelight in gtk menus.


Please report any bug, thank you!

Comments and faves are much appreciated! :D
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beautiful theme
what is your picture viewer ?
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wallpaper link pls ~
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How come I can't get the window border to go into affect like the one on the screenshot? I'm using ubuntu 10.4 with Gnome.. The window border doesn't change to accommodate the theme!
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How come my borders and application header does not look like the one from the screenshot? I'm using ubuntu 10.4 on gnome. I also tried applying this theme through emerald and still does't look right :/
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There's no metacity.
You should install the Moka.emerald file through the Emerald theme manager.
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What is your font? Simple Grey looks very nice ;)
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I'm not totally sure (a long time has passed since that screenshot) but it should be Sans 8.
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Yeah. I understand... I have noticed, that Sans looks on my screen worse than on other people's desktops. That's why I'm using Trebuchet MS now.
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Thank you very much! ;)
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Great job, I'm using now!
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Thank you mate! ;)
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Man, this looks great!
But one thing - I can't seem to find a Metacity without using Emerald. Do ya think you could whip one up?
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Thanks! :D
Unfortunately I've never used metacity nor gnome so I am completely unable to make a metacity theme...please feel free to make your own if you can! ;)
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I love it, thanks!
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Thank you!
...and see you on the Arch Forums! ;)
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I swore I'd tried every openbox there was but no!, this one I only just found now - great work, clean and elegant.

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Thank you very much! :D
Using it now on my arch setup. Clean, peacefull and minimalistic ... the arch way :D.
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