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..:: Arkid ::..

- gtk theme
- openbox theme
- xfce4-notifyd theme
- .conkyrc
- tint2rc

- moka [link]
- mookid [link]
- dyne [link]

- enjoy
- comment
- fave
- report bugs



- 19/01/10: Added selection border to Gtk buttons.
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As you leave the terminal that way? Where your name appears and below the command line
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At what distro or OS can I apply this awesome theme? Just Arch Linux? Can I put it on Debian?
Very nice, Care to share you xcompmgr settings? or what compositor your using?
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Hello. Awesome work!
What file manager do you use ?
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pretty sure that was thunar.
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is the icons included ?
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fucking awesome!!!
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Tremendous work has been done here! :thumbsup:
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perfect! thx for tha share! :)
Fantastic work! Made me switch to openbox ;)
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Lookin' awesome. :) Great work on this!

Could you maybe share your .bashrc? I'm liking the look of it. :)
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Thank you!
The code for my PS1 is here: [link] ;)
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Ah ha, thank you very much. ;) And a great thread on Arch's BBS. :la:
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nice theme, but loading bars in Transmission and gPodder are not showing up.. :(
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This one is really nice and simple theme. Goes well with the idea of Openbox. :)

But I have a problem with rulers in GIMP...

here's a screenshot: < [link] >

(Arch Linux, 'gtk-engines' installed, GIMP 2.6.8)
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Thank you. ;)
I'm aware of the problem with rulers in GIMP but actually it is an issue related to the gtk-pixbuf engine and not specifically to my theme.
So, what can I say? I got used to it. :)
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Ok. Disabling rulers in GIMP is a small sacrifice for this theme. :P
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Tint2 do not show me systray icons :(
oh god, perfect colors!
image viewer - feh?
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Thank you!
It's Geeqie. Check out also Viewnior!
how about icons on upper left corner?
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Do you mean lower-right corner, right? ;)
They are Drakfire Evolution - white tray, available on gnomelook.
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