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This is a not-so-good photograph of the geisha from I saw in Kyoto. I like the profile shot but it didn't turn out how I wanted and she moved on before I could arrange to take another picture. I'm sure someone could paint over this and make it beautiful.

Rules if you use this stock:
*- Link back to this account.
*- Notify me byLEAVING A COMMENT ON THIS PAGE OR NOTING ME. Comments left on the front page will not be regarded as proper notification that you are using my stock.
*- Permission for use in prints is automatically granted so long as notification is received.
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This is a maiko, not a geisha. Maiko are the apprentices of geisha and must remain a maiko for 5 years until they can complete their training to become a geisha. You can tell the difference because maiko use their real hair and wear pretty silk ornaments, longer sleeves and darari style obi which hands down near their calves. Geisha wear wigs instead of styling their real hair. have shorter sleeves, subtle pink blush on their eyelids and the sides of their noses. Very pretty though.
This is what a geisha looks like -
this is a maiko…
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LOL Two years on...

Yes, I know. "Geisha" makes it easier to find. :)

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Hello! I removed this image from my stock account:iconflowerpowerstock: to place it in this new account that does not contain any stock. thank you for everything Geisha by Moniki-flowerpower
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Thanks a lot for the beautiful stock  Geisha by flowerpowerstock
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used here geisha2 by kaka-pararean83 thank you
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I used your image here:…
Many thanks for sharing your stock!

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This is so beautiful... 
I used your stock here.
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Hi :) I used your beautiful stock here:…
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Beautiful photo, thank you so much for sharing it as stock so we can all enjoy it! :)
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Used your stock here = Thanks!! :rose: It's possible put my work as a print?
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Used here : [link]
Thanks a lot :huggle:
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Very beautiful ^^ She's not a geisha yet, she's still a Maiko, but it looks like she will be done with her training soon enough, like two years, give or take.
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Amazing shot and pose, it's exaclty what I needed!! thank you! =D
I used it on my art: [link]

Hope you like it :]
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I used your picture here [link]
Thank you so much :huggle:
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I used for this [link] thank you!
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used here [link] and [link] Thank you
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thank you so much for this wondefull stock!! [link]
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used here: [link] thanks!
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Stunning photo,I just love it! She is so graceful ^_^
She's not a geisha but a maiko(or a girl doing a maiko henshin) <3 thank you so much for sharing!
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