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WRITTEN WORKS, and the Care and Feeding of the Knight of Ren

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Another Set of Eyes (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Kylo Ren gets himself into some deadly serious trouble...and drags you along for the ride.

An alternate universe diverging immediately after The Force Awakens.

Yes, the main work in this series is an X-Reader. I am, however, a firm believer that it is possible to write capably from any point of view.

In the Burning of the Light

Tarssus Kallig, a Light-Side heretic Sith Inquisitor, fights to make his mark in this life and the hereafter.

A collection based on the Star Wars: The Old Republic storyline of the Light Sith Inquisitor.

While not required reading for the main ASoE-verse, this series provides the deep-time point of divergence that eventually enables ASoE to happen.

A Healing Force

What could have been if Ben Solo never fell to the Dark Side...and became the first Jedi doctor since the fall of the Republic?

A shared AU I write with @EsmeAmeliaSolo. You'll find her stories in the linked journal as well!

Be sure to to hunt through my gallery to see what else you find! There are a few Warhammer 40K stories too, and even one for the game Stray!

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I love to chat, and comments are writer food. :D

🔸This is a no-wokeism zone.

I make no guarantees of agreeing with your opinions on things.

🔸Don't be an ass to me or other commenters.

"Not woke" doesn't mean automatic jerk or enjoying it when others are flagrant jerks. I will also endeavor not to be an ass. ;)

🔸Sorry, I can't do requests or commissions.

I'm way too lazy, so in the words of Kylo Ren, "you'd be disappointed"!

🔸I have a 40-hour job and am lazy "off the clock."

Please accept my apologies for being a slow writer and not replying to all favs, likes, or llamas.

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Tooka Orb -- Fuzzy Animal Orbs Challenge
Freakin' FI-NA-LLY! Part 4 of The Mark of the Beast, a story for @Masterof4Elements and @idrilhadhafang in the AU @EsmeAmeliaSolo and I share is now posted!! I apologize (as usual) for taking so damn long, but I can at least say you'll see in this story why "Lucky the Danger Tooka" was something I had to figure out first before I could continue with this section. Anyway, I really hope all of you enjoy this!
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To those of you who may have missed the headline, the journal I just posted may seem a bit cryptic. It is that way on purpose, to make it a little more likely to fly under the censorship radar. My anger is the result of the murder of Alexei Navalny, one of the most outspoken opposition voices in Russia. Sure, I may be just one crazy American and my words aren't likely to make a big splash but I would rather they bolster even one person's spirits, who needs it, than to be silent and know the chances of anyone benefiting are exactly zero.
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(Note: There are things I am phrasing in a certain way because, as you will see, certain people will not want this message to be read by those for whom it is intended. I will explain elsewhere on my profile page.) Не отступайте! DO NOT BACK DOWN! Today I woke up ANGRY. The first thing I saw when I woke up and looked at my phone was a headline stating that one of the most prominent members of the Russian opposition to the Kremlin had died. We all know very well this was not due to natural causes, and those who expect anyone to believe otherwise either think their audience has the intelligence of a rock or they think the fear of the unspoken truth will be their weapon. It can only become their weapon if we--ordinary humanity; I'm not talking about anyone special here!--allow them to use it that way! I'm not a fool enough to not understand that there are other weapons the fearmongers can use, the kinds that actually take lives. Obviously that is exactly what happened
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Thought I'd forward this giveaway from @BeckyKidus in case any non-Core members watching me are interested. Please make sure to read all of the instructions prior to entering, but maybe this could help some of you. :)
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@EsmeAmeliaSolo, I know you worry about how your voice sounds but seriously, it’s totally fine. I actually just recorded something while I have a minor cold *on purpose* because it pushed my vocal range down a tone or two. One time I did the same as I was getting over the flu, with Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt.” If I can even find a way to live with the sound of myself and even harness it when sick, I REALLY think you shouldn’t judge yourself so harshly.
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Thanks for the add!

Thank you for adding Calm before the storm to your collection Animals of all stripes. 😊

Thank you for adding Calm Before the Storm to your collection Anmals of All Stripes. 😊

Thanks for the fave on ma Memphis urn. Appreciate your input.

Thanks for the fave on Memphis.

You’re very welcome!