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Another Set of Eyes (Post-The Force Awakens AU)

Another Set of Eyes, Pt. 1 (Kylo Ren x Reader) by RensKnight, literature

In the Burning of the Light (SWTOR LS Inquisitor Series)

(SWTOR) In the Burning of the Light: The Archive by RensKnight, literature

A Healing Force (Shared Light-Side Ben Solo AU with EsmeAmelia)

A Time to Rend and a Time to Sew: A SW AU Tale Pt1 by RensKnight, literature

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I speak English (native) and Spanish (reasonably well). While I am not fluent, I also know some Italian, Russian, German, and Portuguese.

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Please know that even if I have not individually thanked you for your watches or favs, I am grateful for the time you have spent browsing through my work. However, if you comment, you ARE likely to get a response. It may be delayed, but I am not ungrateful and I will get back to you. Finally, please recognize that I may not respond if I am tired, anxious, or see warning signs of potential drama. I stay away in those cases as I do not wish to be the one starting drama. Regarding llamas...I certainly won’t turn them down! However, please note I reserve giving them for people who chat with me or with whom I have otherwise had prior interactions.

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Main Works

I have two main works: Another Set of Eyes (Kylo Ren x Reader), an alternate universe (AU) story set in the time after Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and In the Burning of the Light, a collection of stories based on the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO storyline of the Light Sith Inquisitor. I also have a shared AU with EsmeAmelia called A Healing Force.

My works in these series are backed up at Archive Of Our Own.

Hobby or Professional...It All Has Value

Why Do I Write an X-Reader Fic?

Well, the simplest answer is that telling me not to do something is equivalent to issuing me a challenge, when it comes to writing. And as such I'll do my damnedest to do it well. But if you're interested in more detail, check out this journal: X-Readers: How they're seen and why I do it anyway.

Also, this journal has a little insight into why I write certain things "even though" I am a Christian.

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How stupid wokeness and cancel culture are… So I had a dream where for some reason I was playing Grand Moff Tarkin’s role in a stage play that was being developed (sooooooo not a realistic casting for a short woman!!! :D ) and while improv’ing some material I said something in line with the speciesist twat that Tarkin is. And I got attacked by some SJWs threatening me that I HAD to have better alien representation to make up for my transgressions or else they would take it as an insult to real-life “oppressed groups.” I shit you not.
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GW forces TTS hiatus, 40K Silent Running impact?

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Well guess what? Games Workshop has instituted a dumbass zero tolerance policy towards fan animations that is forcing If The Emperor Had a TTS Device to go on indefinite hiatus. To say this has devastated Bruva Alfabusa is an understatement. :( This policy is rather extreme in comparison to Lucasfilm or even Paramount, which amazingly, still put out rules to allow some sort of fan content after the Star Trek: Axanar idiots tried to enter into direct competition with the original IP with famous actors and make money doing so. TTS is different. TTS falls FIRMLY into the parody category and cannot be mistaken for the original IP in any way. In the US this would offer it some substantial protection. TTS is doing no different from what Robot Chicken, Chad Vader, or Family Guy (to name a few) have done on the Star Wars side. In the US the people who make said parodies can make money off them, no problem. In Germany, where GW resides, apparently no parody protection exists
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Got the cats home my house is a home again. :heart:
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And made it back home. So tired. It was also too late to pick the cats up from boarding, which sucks. :( I’ll definitely be heading to the vet as soon as I’m up tomorrow morning.
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Thank you for the fav! 🍀

Thank you for the fav! 🎃

You’re welcome!!! :)

Thank you for all the faves! ⭐

I'm very glad you like what I do. 🌻 I'm trying to improve more and more. Per aspera ad astra! 💫