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Origin Story Series - Asdis by RenrookART Origin Story Series - Asdis by RenrookART
Soooooo. Yeah. I recently downloaded webtoons on my phone, along with a but load of otome games. Both have become something of an obsession lately. And now that I've finally finished the last commission on my to-do list I can once again indulge in my personal projects.  Naturally, playing so many otome games and reading so many webtoons, I started thinking....what if I did my own? Doing my own otome game will take more time, so that is a long term goal, but webtoons! Comics I can practice at will - which is what I'm doing.

Rather attempting a linear story line following one of my many OCs I decided to polish key events in their stories and do one-shot comic pages. That way if I get bored or stuck I can just do a different scenario with a different character and it won't matter. If I get an idea for a larger project with a more linear story - great. If all I ever do are one shot comic pages of all my OCs, also great! And the practice in pacing and story telling will help me with doing an otome game eventually - win/win.

So this was my first attempt. Asdis's origin story or at least part of it. I don't want to explain the comic for obvious reasons. If you don't understand the gist of what's happening then I didn't do a good job pacing. Which means I'll have to adjust. To that end all critiques are welcome. I want to improve. HELP ME BE BETTER. :)

I hope you like!

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