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Ren'Py 7.4.4 "The Pot of Gold"
was released on March 17, 2021. The main downloads of Ren'Py 7.4.4 are:
You only need to download one of these three files. Each contains the full Ren'Py software development kit, with everything needed to develop Ren'Py games for Windows XP and up, Mac OS X 10.6 and up, and Linux x86/x86_64. The development environment contains the files needed to produce games for all three platforms, the Ren'Py tutorial, and "The Question", an example game.
Ren'Py is free to download and use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It may be modified and distributed under the terms of its license.
Additional Downloads. When necessary, the Ren'Py SDK will automatically download additional packages, such as text editors and Android/iOS support. These packages are available for direct download at the bottom of this page.


I'm happy to announce Ren'Py 7.4.4, the fourth patch release for the 7.4 series. This fixes a pair of regressions, one that stopped the Web Beta from working, and another that prevented gestures and controller support from working.
This release adds basic support for custom blend modes, and uses that support to implement additive and multiplicative blends for Live2D. It also fixes an issue with large textures that usually manifested as problems with Live2D.
It also includes a new feature that makes it possible to supply old .rpyc files to Ren'Py, which should help maintain save compatibility with games that are released more than once, such as games with early access.
Everyone should upgrade.
Ren'Py 7.4 is the the product of over a year of development, and one of the biggest releases of Ren'Py to date. This series of releases focuses on updating Ren'Py's internals so that Ren'Py is ready for its next 15 years.
Some of the bigger changes are:
  • A new model-based renderer. While this is opt-in for the moment, it opens the way to features that creators have been requesting for a long time, such as being able to recolor displayables, blurring the screen, and using Live2D to animate sprites. The model-based renderer is extensible with shaders, allowing for custom effects.
  • A new Python 3 compatibility mode has been added, to pave the way for Python 3 support in the next release. This mode changes the ways in which Ren'Py runs, to allow you to begin porting your game before full Python 3 comes out in Ren'Py 8.0.
  • Ren'Py's build system has been modernized, and the libraries underlying it have been updated. This allows 64-bit Windows to be supported.
  • The web platform has been updated, to allow for the incremental download of games.
This release also raises the minimum requirements to run a Ren'Py game. It is now required that a user's computer have OpenGL 2, DirectX 9, OpenGL ES 2, or WebGL to run Ren'Py. The model-based renderer requires OpenGL ES 3 or WebGL 2.
With these changes, there have been a few deprecations. Ren'Py no longer runs on Windows XP. The minimum version of macOS Ren'Py supports is now 10.10. The 32-bit armv7l platform has been removed on iOS, as this platform hasn't been supported by Apple for several years. The Editra text editor has been removed, as it hasn't been supported for quite some time, and wasn't compatible with the new build system.
It's my hope that this release will enable creators to take on projects they couldn't before, and will provide a solid basis for the next releases of Ren'Py.
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This group is for anyone who uses Ren'Py, and anyone who is interested in things created by Ren'Py.

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Hello everyone! I am currently looking for a BG artist who is willing to work for free OR I can do a skill trade (write/edit your VN) for my first project! The genre is high fantasy, but I won't make you draw too many details, haha. 
Beginners are welcome too!!!

Please PM me by my Gmail: or Twitter @HarukaNami4 or Discord HarukaNami #4091. 
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