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Are we allowed to sell our Ren'Py games as a premium download on DeviantArt?

As far as I'm aware, no. You usually need to host them off site!

Hello everyone! I am currently looking for a BG artist who is willing to work for free OR I can do a skill trade (write/edit your VN) for my first project! The genre is high fantasy, but I won't make you draw too many details, haha. 
Beginners are welcome too!!!

Please PM me by my Gmail: or Twitter @HarukaNami4 or Discord HarukaNami #4091. 
Hello everyone! I have interested about visual novel for long time. Good to see you and I hope I can finisd my visual novel in oneday!
Hello there. I am your typical Informatics student from Indonesia. When I see Renpy from Pink Tea Games' Patreon, I am curious and find out about it on Wikipedia.

Python language, coincidentally have Python 3.6 with 32-bit Windows 7.

Good work for you and thank you for the contributions that enjoyed by many.
hey i really need some help with what im working on it keeps on telling me that i have errors but when i fix them another one show up. could someone help me plz?