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May I introduce you to our next product, our Fine Art Canvas Prints!

Canvas-1 by renonevada

What are Fine Art Canvas Prints, you ask? Great question! Canvas prints are high quality prints that are printed directly onto canvas, just like artists paint on! This will give it a terrific texture and feel that you just do not get from our Fine Art Paper prints.

Here is a close up shot of what the texture will look like.

Canvas-2--Texture by renonevada

You can click on this image to view it a bit larger, if you wish. It is a fine texture that will not interfere with the look of the art.

Here is a rundown of the stats for printing our Canvas products.

  • Epson Gloss Solvent Canvas (Bright White)
  • 21 mil Poly Cotton thickness
  • 35% cotton/ 65% polyester blend
  • 410g weight
  • Giclée printing process
  • GS600 Epson Solvent Technology

Basically, this list is saying that our Canvas prints will look amazing from far away and close up.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Our Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints will come pre-stretched on an all pine Stretcher Bar and will be ready to hang on your wall, as shown in our first image at the top of this article.

The image will be wrapped to the very edge of the front of the canvas frame and will not wrap around the sides. Below is how the wrap will look.

Canvas 3- Wrapping by renonevada

Off topic, but isn't that an amazing table? Expect to see more of that in the photos of future articles!

Rolled Canvas

Rolled prints will, of course, come to you rolled in a sturdy tube. If you wish, you can stretch the prints onto a stretcher bar yourself or have a local frame shop do it for you.

For countries where shipping may be very expensive for a canvas print that is already wrapped, this may be a cheaper alternative.

Canvas-9 by renonevada

There's approximately 1.75 inches added to the edges of the image, which extend to the thin black line that you see in the above image. That space can be used to wrap the image onto a stretcher bar so that the sides will be white and clean.

The canvas outside of that line has standard logos and printing information. The black line and everything outside of it will end up being trimmed once the image is stretched and mounted onto a stretcher bar.

Framed Canvas

Our Framed Canvas prints are similar to our Gallery Wrapped prints, as they are stretched onto a stretcher bar. We then go the extra step of adding our Art Block frames for a terrific combination.

Canvas-4 by renonevada

The Packaging

As you can see from the image below, we do not hold back at all when packing your order. We want to make sure that it arrives as secure and as safe as possible.

Untitled by renonevada

First, the prints are wrapped in plastic. Second, there is cardboard placed over the front of the frame, then wrapped around the back and secured with an alarming amount of tape. My favorite amount! This piece of cardboard is a couple of inches larger than the frame itself to give it an added safety bubble around the prints. This means that even if the postal service crumples the edges of the box while playing their own version of Caber toss, your prints will arrive safe and secure.

Our hanging kit is a small hook that can be attached to the wall. A wire is attached to the back of the print so it will be ready to hang.

 3 By Renonevada-d74fmhf by renonevada

Canvas-5 by renonevada
Small frames                                                           Large frames

Our Rolled Canvas prints will be well protected, as well. When shipped, the print will come rolled into a very sturdy tube to make sure that your print is not damaged when it gets to you.

These tubes ARE STURDY. I put this in my previous product spotlight, but as we use the same tubes, it is twice as relevant!

Last year when we got the tubes we smacked them around and hit a few balls with them and we didn't see a dent on them!

 Mg 2569 by renonevada
Modeled by our very own codenamepanther who helps
make our prints be the best they can be.

I hope this Product Spotlight has been helpful to you. Our Canvas products are an excellent print option that will look great on any wall for many many years to come.

Untitled by renonevada

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Sorry to see that you will no longer offer the traditional canvas wraps, where the image wraps around the stretcher. That is one of my best sellers, and a very cool effect.
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Y'all really do a great job of spreading the info. Thanks
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I love this!! When did you start implementing the  hanging kits? :) I have ordered a couple of canvas framed prints and they never came with the hanging kits. So I wonder is this a new thing? :la:!
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Weird. I'll note you! :)
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I've gotten several fine art prints and I've gotta say I absolutely love the hanger that's attached. the little bubble level that's included makes it super easy
Rekit's Fine Art Prints by rekit
renonevada Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad to hear. :) Thanks for the link, as well. I love seeing other people's product photos.
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