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Darth Vader

Lord Vader.

Yes Master?


Drawn from the Revenge of the Sith teaser trailer.
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"Curse you, Skywalkers! I'll tell you the truth about you're father!"

Star Wars: Dark Empire
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Wow really dark, youve captured the moment well.
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Did that yellow eye freak anyone else out when they first saw that trailer?
renonevada's avatar
I played the Knights of the Old Republic game before watching ep3 so I saw what the dark side could do to faces so it didn't do much to me, but I saw quite a few people weirded out by that. =p
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This helmet is chafing my eyebrows. AH'SWEAR.

Pimptacular hatching.
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hehe and now you really should do a followup panel with Vader doing that lameass "Noooooooooooo!"

nice work this; the trailer showed such promise :(
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That is so incredibly awsome. Seriously! Vader kicks ass, and now, so does this image. *faves*
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ROTS is gonna rock out, like a drunken girlscout, baby!
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that prequel rocked like bananas on a ice cream :giggle:
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His fingers should be like this: :headbang:

"Thunderstruck" should also be playing in the back ground.

I decree it. ;)
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looks good
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Great work my friend-- wonderful details =)
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Very impressive, especially seeing as the preview hasn't been out for that long. You must have gotten this done mighty quick. :)
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I love this! Vader is my favorite bad guy ever. Really nice work on this Reno, looks amazing. :)
wit-knee-jones's avatar
I'm excited for that movie.
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I think that sums it up.

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Very kool dude lol
one thing i think lucas should have made vaders suit alittle less complete next to the other movies. but the new movie might redeem the series. :fuzzydemon:
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fav fav fav fav fav fav and bully on you for being the first person (probably in the world, but certainly on DA) to do fanart from the newest movie!!!!
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The force is with you!
damphyr's avatar Reno. This kicks ass.

...I'm speachless. Really. :jawdrop:
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There was smoke and some ambient lights and flashes around, I think I'm going to do more with the white ink I have. :plotting:
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