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Pranks Later

I like this EP.
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You wouldn't mind changing the title, would ya'? You seem to have forgotten the "28" in the title. Just saying.

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Rainbow Dash: Someone help me!

Ponies; COOKIES!

Rainbow Dash: I'm never coming back to ponyville!

Who is next in line that want a taste of the rainbow 😉 
In the case of this episode, the videos below I believe is exactly how it should've ended when the entire town of Ponyville went overboard of trying to get R.D to tone down her pranking. Once again these pony jerks are resorting to over the top plans instead of just talking out their problems one-on-one. I could only imagine the kind of punishments Celestia & Luna would serve them all if they found out about any of that. Any idea's?……
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The situation is possible because of animation. Of course, if it actually happens, it will be as scary as it is.
I personally have a few punishment idea's for them. Want to hear them?
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I know it's going to be torturous and I don't want to know
Torturous not really, Mainly standards use mainly by parents and police officials. 
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Well I just found out Applebloom is Pikachu in the Japanese version of MLP...
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The Trotting Dead.
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I know the majority didn't like the episode, but I think it was a nice parody of the original "28 days later". And you captured that ep brilliantly. ;)
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Nevermind. Just spotted Pinkie Pie. Fuck this picture.
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I kid you not, guys, when I first saw this episode I knew before it even happened that they'd all pretend to be zombies. Any of you guys remember the halloween episode of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends? I mean, c'mon, it was a total copy! And for Celestia's sake, the guy who made Foster's, Craig McCracken is married to MLP series creator Lauren Faust. Go figure!
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This reminds me of "The Walking Dead."
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"H-help meeee....."
-Hey! Don't look at me! I'm just filming!

Wonderful work
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The best thing about this picture is the absence of Pinkie Pie!
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Ha Rainbow Dash you're bluer than usual!
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Anyone else think Dashies pranks were awesome and the others were jealous?

Lets not forget it was Pinkies idea that the zombie prank came from

So the others were humorless
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